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Strange adrenaline surges with pvc's and anxiety

Hi, I have always suffered from anxiety since I was a child but it comes and goes usually with the help of medication.
About three years ago I started getting fluttering in my chest which I had experienced once or twice in the past but thought nothing of it, I am a smoker and I am desperate to stop but now is the worse time when I feel so unwell.
Anyway three years ago I saw a cardio regarding the skipped beats and he did and ECG and a 24 hour holter monitor and said everything was fine and that its PVC's. I was satisfied with that I tried to get on with things which was easier said then done.
One day they stopped and was like yaaaaaaaay but i suffered other symptoms instead, a feeling that someone was sitting on my chest and I felt breathless.
doctors said its anxiety and to take Citalopram which I refused due to the whole heart related warnings but after a month of suffering I finally took them and within 10 days I felt great.
I stopped taking them 9 months ago and have since been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid which Im currently on carbimazole.
The PVC's came back which annoyed me but I just kind of got on with things. But for the past 6 weeks I have had chest pains, arm and shoulder pains, back pains and pains in my jaw and teeth and a tight throat. The doctor did an ECG and said that I am fine and just offered me citalopram . I havent taken any as Im worried sick that I have a heart condition.
I took a trip to A&E a few days ago where they did ECG's, blood test, xray and attached me to a heart tracing machine for 5 hours. at one point my heart rate was 179bpm and the machine was bleeping which made me panic even more. The doctor didnt seem concerned as it only lasted about 50 seconds the my heart rate dropped down to 98bpm. al the test results came back normal and the doctor said she would refer me to the cardiologist for another holter monitor and an ultrasound of the heart..as I walked out of the hospital I began to feel a horrible sensation in my chest along with PVC's..I felt awful but I wanted to go home and see my children so I hopped in a taxi home and It was such a frightening journey I felt like my heart was going to explode.
Over the past few days I have had these adrenaline surges everytime I get a PVC. Its like my heart is being squeezed and then this tight feeling goes up my shoulders, neck and face..I can hear a whooshing sound in my hears, its difficult to stand up straight as It feels worse.
Its been non stop and when I expect my heart to race it just feels like its struggling to beat.it feels slow and delayed so i run up the stairs to get it to speed up.
Has anyone had this and is it anxiety ? Im so worried. Any advice would be great xx
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I am not quite sure what is going on.  You state you have thyroid issues.  This in and of itself can cause tachycardia issues.  The pvcs are possibly due to stress and stomach issues and both tachycardia/bradycardia and ectopic beats can feed off each other.  Odds are good that your heart is in general good healthy besides the ectopic beats but considering your pain symptoms I would suggest you go back to the doctor and get another monitor to catch what is going on.  The fast and slow.  I would ask to get a 30 day monitor so you can catch more of the different things that are going on.  Best of luck and hope you can get to the bottom of things.  Take care.
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