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Stretching Cuases Palpitations?

Quick background.  I have had PVC's for 12+ years, at one point, i had over 7k a day, was started on verapamil 240mg and after 6 months i would be (un)lucky to get 4-5 in a day.  Last year finally had a full cardiac work up done, stress test, ultrasound, 48hr holter ect.  i had (1) triplet, a few PAC's and a few PVC's during my holter but my doc said it was nothing to worry about, my heart was structurally sound and was told to discontinue my medication, off meds for over 1.5 years

On to my question.  Sometimes when i stretch my upper body and upper back, i notice my heart rate goes waaaaaay down to a crawl and sometimes i get some skips, some times i get thumps (my heart FEELS like its beating normally)  I also notice this happens if i am driving and something spooks me, like another car almost hitting me or if i stand up too fast from being in a sitting position for too long.  Has anyone had that?  I have had the latter of the two happen to me plenty of times while i was on the medication, and it has continued while off it.  I did have it happen while i had the monitor on but when the doc reviewed the spot it happened (hit the event button) he said he saw nothing out of the ordinary
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What you're experiencing is not uncommon.  I have initiated an SVT event by stretching.  I think you might be inadvertently doing what is known as a Valsalva maneuver, and this can disturb your normal heart rhythm.
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You know it does make sense, sometimes when i talk and find myself dragging on, i notice i stopped breathing and will have a PVC.  I do forcefully hold my breath when i stretch too.  Makes sense now
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