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Sudden empty sinking feeling/spasm lower chest

It started about a year ago. It feels like my lower chest/upper abdomen when I will get a sudden empty/sinking spasm that will jolt me almost like a hiccup. Only lasts for about a heartbeat. Completely random but seems to happen more often when sitting. Went to the doctor and was hooked up to an holtor monitor. Test came back normal. Thinking it was related to anxiety, doctor prescribes me citalopram to see if it goes away but I still have them. It could be days before I have one, or sometimes it will be day after day. Cardiologist did a ultrasound and said that it could possibly be Left ventricular noncompaction but very doubtful. I am due for an MRI on my heart soon to check for this. My question is regarding that maybe it's not heart related, such as gerd or vagus nerve? Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. It's a very scary feeling and certainly anxiety does not help with this. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks!
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Hi there! how are you now? This is probably the same sensation that I get sometimes. But mine was like. someone shocked my heart and took my breath away and followed by fast normal heart beats. my ECG and 2D echo results were normal and my doctor told me it was just a skipped heart beat and could be related to my high cholesterol levels. I also suffer with anxiety which might be contributory?
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Yes this sounds about right! Doctor thinks it's anxiety but the cardiologist wanted to do an MRI just in case. Everything else was normal with a holtor monitor and ultrasound. That's a very comparable description and experience you said too!
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I get the same thing only it kinda feels cold and like everything has turned to liquid. I feel as if it's heart related, because my anxiety does not manifest itself in that way. I normally have tremors and hyperventilate to the point where my feet turn inward and sometimes I cannot close my hand or they are stuck in a crumpled position. I become rigid and crumpled up basically.
I don't know what causes the melting or sinking feeling but I am absolutely sure(in my case) it is not anxiety.
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