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Surgery and benign PVCs

Hi Folks, been away for a while.  I had to have some surgery with general anesthesia back in April.  Anyways I wanted to post some feedback for benign PVC sufferers.

I don't know what drugs were used on me.  I'm usually such a control freak I ask.  Despite the fear and anxiety I felt going into this I got through fine.  I didn't feel a single palp at all.  Even post surgery I went without any palps.  I had a feeling that might happen as I think palps have some CNS origins and general anesthesia probably slows this down and stays in your system for some time.

I lived through it, no problems, the palps were actually less than usual going in and out of the situation for me.  Surgery was neat, they first got an IV into me, anesthesiologist sized me up for the throat tube because they have to "intubate" you just in case you need help breathing during the surgery (if the anesthesia suppresses your breathing).  They walked me down to the OR which was cool.  I got up on that OR table, laid down, they put some inflatable boots on me.  Someone injected the IV and said I might go out of focus and to just close my eyes if I do.  That did happen so I just closed my eyes.  I remember a few more things being said after that.  The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery wrapped with a huge ace bandage over the site.  I had JP drain tubes (two) going into my chest area, and I was packed with ice.  I went home that day.

I took percocet for pain which if I remember can actually cause arrhythmia but I took it anyway.  No PVC issues.  The drains were taken out 3 days later.  I'm 6 weeks post op and 95% there.  I was so scared of getting it done I put it off too long.  It was a piece of cake!  

So benign PVC sufferers, don't let it hold you back!  
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Yikes, I don't' know if I would call general anesthesia surgery a piece of cake but it does seem to be over in a flash, you go to sleep and the next thing you know you are waking up in the recovery room.  Well I am super glad to hear it went well and you didn't have any issues with your pvcs.   I am glad to see you back.
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Thanks michellepetkus, you do a lot of great work around here.  Thanks for all your help!
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Thanks.  (((HUGS)))
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Glad your surgery went well. If you don't mind my asking, what was it for? I've been told in the past that my PVC's are benign, but i'm beginning to wonder. I had a thyroidectomy last year and was under anesthesia. My PVC's never stopped, they had to do my surgery with my body inclined to control them. Gotta love those surgery boots huh? I had to leave mine on for 24 hrs after surgery. Felt like I had inflatable legs, ha.
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I've had something called gynechomastia since I was 12 or so, I'm 45 now.   I had the excess gland removed from both sides of my chest along with some lipo to contour my chest.  It develops in about 55% of men during puberty.   It always bothered me horribly.  My case wasn't that bad but to me it was a black and white situation. You either have it or you don't and I had it.  The procedure is called a bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy.  I had about 30 grams of breast tissue on each side removed through my nipples and about 400 CCs of fat removed from each side through my arm pits  I was 4 pounds lighter after the surgery.  There is no excess skin at all, it all contoured nicely.    It looks amazing.  The procedure for men has perfected a lot in the last 10 years and I feel the Internet has a lot to do with it.   When i was younger I thought that working out could get rid of it so I really over developed my chest area.  This only pushed it out more.  Now that it's gone the shape is nice.  When my PVCs went nuts I limited myself based on my fear of them.  How odd, I finally had the means to correct this but now I had a new problem.  Working through has been an adventure!
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Congratulations, good to read you are a happy surgery patient, that's not guaranteed.

Seems the surgery had nothing to do with your heart problems, other than lowering anxiety, I hope.. that will help as you know better than I.

The only thing I remember about the breathing tube is it wasn't much fun when it was removed.  

Look forward to more good advice from you, and have a happy Summer.
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Hi Jerry, great to hear from you!  I hope you and your family are well.  Doing great back here, looking forward to out trip down the shore, heading to Ocean City with the kids.
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