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Symptomatic PVCs am I the only one?

Hi Everyone,

I have been diagnosed with benign bigeminy PVCs which started about 3 months ago.  I have had a holter, echo, stress test, blood work, and chest X-ray which all came out normal.  Holter picked up 600 PVCs.  I think they might be up to 5,000 now judging from when I check my pulse they always occur.

I am very symptomatic, I have shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and fatigue almost constantly.  It affects my quality of life extremely. From what I’ve seen most people do not have these symptoms when they have their PVCs.  Am I the only one?

My cardiologist put me on atenolol which somewhat helped but it made me sooooooo tired I had to stop.  He told me that SOB is common with PVCs and nobody seems concerned.  

Everyone thinks it’s anxiety so I’m going down that path.  I feel so alone because no one seems to have symptoms besides being nervous about the feeling of the PVCs themselves.

Please let me know your thoughts
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If you think yoh went up to 5000 request a reevaluation with a monitor. No youre not the only one, this is common.

As for the amount of pvcs i see this alot.. The number of pvcs means nothing..

What you need to know is your 'burden' or the percentage of pvcs you have.. 5000 should be around 5%

Under 5% is pretty normal, albeit uncomfortable, and its really up to the patient and the physician how to proceed, medicines are the gi to here.

5 -15% is a potentially serious issue 20 years or so down the line.. Needs med usually, but ablation can be considered.

15% or higher needs an ablation

If its any consolation my wife has them (5000 pvc per day at a 5% burden) and i work in cardiology.. She asked me for a note to be excused from certain work duties.. I turned her down because while they may be uncomfortable at 5% im confident we can develop a strategy of medical management that will work for her.

Id personally like to just ablate her but both her and her cardiologist want to avoid that route, and its unethical to influence the care of your own family.. Soo.. More power to em.
Thank you so much for your response.  I feel that every time I bring up concerns regarding my PVCs, they bring up the fact that the burden is less than 1% and that it's anxiety.  I am trying to pursue the anxiety route but these things are debilitating.
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