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T wave inversion and VF with T wave depression &

Hypokalemia and Ventricular Fibrillation- An ambulance EKG noted abnormal repolarisation with EKG presenting in a sinus rhythm with T wave inversion in leads II & III  and a VF with T waves V4 V5 V6 with T wave depression in leadsV4 V5 V6. ER would not look at report. ( I have been in ER twice with hypokalemia (level 2.8). Is this normal with Hypokalemia? Only other health condition epilepsy). Should I be concerned about Ventricular Fibrilation?
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From what I have read low potassium levels can cause heart palpitations though I wouldn't think they would be ventricular tachycardia but rather sinus tachycardia but I'm not a doctor.  If you indeed had ventricular tachycardia I would think it important to have your heart evaluated.   If your heart is sound and the VT was short lived odds are a cardiologist would not be too concerned but I would say go get a check up with your regular doctor to investigate the low potassium and maybe get a referral to a cardiologist to have the VT investigated.  If your heart is sound then you likely have nothing to worry about but it might be wise to get checked out fully as opposed to just in the ER.  Take care.  
Thank you! I showed the ambulance  to four Doctors. Two experienced Surgeons , a pediatrician and a hematologist. They are all very experienced, a Harvard MD, two have 25 plus years experience. They all zoned in on one section and  read it as ischemia. Then Two cardiologists looked at it.. Including a top Harvard Professor and called it normal. Went back to other four who are sstunned! Where do I go from here?
You can try uploading the ECG into a google drive or something and posting the link here. Can’t answer EKG questions without an EKG
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