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Tachycardia upon waking and after eating


I have read some posts on here that describe my problem and I'm wondering if any of you have found the answers to your bouts of tachycardia after eating and upon waking in the morning.  I am a 30 year old female, in OK shape, very healthy weight, and no real health problems. I have had a normal EKG and a 48 hour holter monitor with unremarkable results in the last 6 months, and I have no known major health issues.  However, I am a terribly anxious person, and I have been told that this contributes to the following problem:

Practically every morning I wake up in a state of tachycardia.  It has nothing to do with my dreams and I know that I am not hypoglycemic or hyperthyroid.  However, when I wake up, my heart rate feels very fast, and sometimes when I check it, it is like 95-120bpm.  It seems that it is worse the later I sleep in.  I have always heard that heart rates are lower when you first get out of bed in the morning, but mine seems to be the opposite.  It is always fast in the morning, and seems to get slower the longer I am awake.  My HR is always much lower in the evening.  I would say my resting HR is about 75-85bpm (maybe a tad lower, but I can't be sure, because checking it makes it go up on me).  

The other problem I have is that I frequently get bouts of 95-115bpm after I eat a meal.  It doesn't happen all the time, but frequently.  And I can't seem to tie it to any particular food, so I can't pinpoint a food allergy or intolerance.  

Anyone have similar problems, and if so, what have you done to remedy your fast HR or what causes have you found for it?  My docs just keep saying it is anxiety, but I'm hard pressed to buy that as the answer for everything.  

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i am 23 years old and have EXACTLY what you do.  i just started taking lexapro and i had all the EXACT same tests, etc.  my doctor says it's generalized anxiety disorder.
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i can honestly tell you i know how you feel, after i eat abything the littlest thing my heart rate goes up as high as 135 and last aslong as 2 hours, everyone keeps telling me that it is my gallbladder, and to get it checked i have not got it checked yet due to no time lol yeah so i would just try that maybe it might check out to be the cause.
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Wow..not in a million years did I think that I would find my problem shared by others!  I do not mean any disrespect but it gladdens my heart that I am not going crazy and that there are others who share my condition!!!

I have been dealing with this eating and then suffering a VERY high heart rate after for about two and a half years.  I have tried eating healthy, small meals but it doesn't matter.  I have had it happen when I wake up from a nap.  My heart goes CRAZY!  

What really worries me is when I exercise.  I am suppose to exercise, have my heart rate go up and then come down but it NEVER comes down...so I don't exercise...How does this make sense?  

I have been diagnosed with inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia.  The MD did not say how to exercise with this condition...since i've had this I have gained 60 pounds.  I try to eat healthy and exercise but I do not lose any weight.  I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the who issue about exercise and weight loss?

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My heart seems to flip-flop and go crazy upon waking from a nap.  They have caught my tachy (150+)  on a monitor at 2 or 3 a.m. when I am asleep.  The tachy seems to occur upon waking if I wake suddenly or sleep too soundly as well.   I'm so asleep some mornings that when the alarm goes off I have to ask my husband what day it is.  My dr. has told me it is a symptom of my anxiety.  What's funny is I am a terribly light sleeper and wake up to EVERY little noise.  I do not rest well at all. Sometimes, I also have very vivid nightmares, and have woke my husband up during those nightmares.  Usually, I'm trying to yell for him in the dream and can't get it out, and he says I am actually trying to yell out loud. My heart goes into tachy and PAC's after these episodes.  I have tachy at times after I eat as well.  I have pinpointed it to foods with a lot of preservatives (mostly msg) and fried foods.  I'm very careful when I eat out now.
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so now that we all know that we have GAD or panic disorder and high heart rates in the a.m. (I have to wake up 45 mins early so that I can feel "ok" to jump in showere and get ready for work. I thought my job was stressing me out but apparently not according to what I am reading! Also, when I eat, higher HR! I have very vivid nightmares and recently mentioned this to my psychiatrist. He did make note of it. My dreams are really nightmares but I am not scared in the dream but I wake from them with a rapid HR. Recently I have had a few really nice dreams, peaceful and the HR is not high at all. Doc says that when I wake I got from 1 to 4 whereas others go from 1 to 2, 3 and then 4 with their HR so I am on Trileptal (seizure med) that "he says" controls the energy. He says there is a misfire in the brain. All I know is that I hate it. High HR's are not healthy. Foods that trigger my HR to increase are those high in carbs and of course salt and sugar is the absolute worst, but it seems only sugar filled drinks trigger it, a simple piece of cake is okay.
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I have sinus tachy since dec last year and still waiting for meds...
since then, however each and every day at work (very busy office/pwk/phones/pc) makes it nearly impossible to actually work-I feel exhausted from just sitting down doing nothing let alone walking around and doing stuff. i only feel relaxed once Im laying down watching tv on the couch. Sitting up my heart rate is usually around 100-120bpm....Am I crazy to have all these werid feelings...my muscles feel as though I have been working out and the next day there sore-that feeling in them....When I eat food its fast-when I stand too long (usually more than a minute atm) it races-Im so over being sick-

Does anyone else know what else I can do- The doctors just say-wait for the results-thats ages away I cant deal with feeling this low of energy and feelings to do stuff. I feel like im not even with it most of the day and my eys get strained and sore looking at a pc all day i just want to go home....I always wonder if something else is wrong with me so when I go back to the Hospital for results Im guna see if I can get an MRI or scan of some sort to make sure Its just my heart rate going fast for no reason......
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This heart stuff can be coming from the upper stomach and related to food. Too full or too much acid in the stomach.
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