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I have Tachycardia,I had a spell, for the first time several years ago, I was just kidding and laughing with our son and my husband, when all of a sudden , my heart began to race. I have always for some reason, even as a small girl been AWARE of my heart. The beating, etc. But, this was the scariest! My rate got up to 170 and going up, they could not get it down, eo I had "the shot" I cannot explain how horribly scarry it was! I felt as if I did not exist for a moment! Than k God, it beat again. I take Topral XL 50 for it.
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Hi Chrystal...

Sorry you had to go through that...Did you have a question about it? or did you just want to share your story:)
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Just shareing my story, but thank you for writing. Chrystal
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