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This greatly reduced my PVC's

Todays update , I have taken the advice of many people on this site and here is what I have achieved.
I began taking 500mg Magnesium I bought at Wlagreens and 500mg of Alpha lipoic Acid also bought at walgreens. And my prescription for protonix. The Papitations are almost gone had 1 so far today compared to hundreds yesterday. Still think this is directly related to acid reflux and the vegus nerve. Any comments welcome.
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Congrats KBJ0 on finding something that works for you. Iam glad to read that someone here has found something to really work for them. I did ask my cardo doc about the vegus nerve and he stated it is connected to these PVC's bc if I rub around my breast bone it will make a bad spell calm down. So yup the vegus nerve, our stomachs it all counts. Good luck with your new cure!
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May I ask If you might also have thyroid problems? I have been researching the connections between our metabolism stomach vagus nerve and Acid reflux and have came up with some astounding information. I am testing the theory and will post as soon as I can confirm that this might work.
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Sounds great to me, keep up the good work. I know for me, when my hiatal hernia acts up, I get more flutters, so I know that digestion can sure play a part. The magnesium is great, everyone needs it as well as the ALA.
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Here is what im finding. It is not the Gerd or Hiatel hernia thats causing the problem but the acid reflux and the hiatel hernia and PVC's are a symptom of the overstimulated vagus nerve so, This means that whatever is slowing your metabolism is the culprit ie Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, gastroperesis, and a whole hole of others.
What seems to be happening in many cases is the Metabolic rate has slowed (age , disease) which immediatly tells the Vagus Nerve to produce more acid the vagus nerve controls heart rate and acid production which is why your heart races when you eat a lot of carbs or greasy food. But because your metabolism has slowed the gas stays in your stomach causing reflux or even a hiatel hernia from pressure. This equates to PVC's because the Vagus Nerve is overstimulated and sometimes throws the extra electricity out the path of least resistance.

Seems we treat the symptoms believing they are the cause and never really even get the underlying problems fixed that can stop it all.

Well this is my theory would love to know yor story to try and see if it might fit this also.

Have a good evening
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Your theory makes a lot of  sense. I do know however, that when my hiatal hernia is pushing "up" I get more flutters and after my doc pulls it down, they are not so pronounced. Also, after I eat or drink and then sit slouched in a chair, I will have more. I have had all kinds of test, and they all say the same......"normal" Sometimes it makes me angry. Oh yes, I also noticed if I have lots of gas, they will act up and once I get rid of the gas, they are also better. Drinking Aloe Juice sometimes helps also as it helps calm down the "acid"
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Day 4 and still no PVC's hoping this was the answer I was looking for so long.
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