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This greatly reduced my PVC's

Todays update , I have taken the advice of many people on this site and here is what I have achieved.
I began taking 500mg Magnesium I bought at Wlagreens and 500mg of Alpha lipoic Acid also bought at walgreens. And my prescription for protonix. The Papitations are almost gone had 1 so far today compared to hundreds yesterday. Still think this is directly related to acid reflux and the vegus nerve. Any comments welcome.
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Congrats KBJ0 on finding something that works for you. Iam glad to read that someone here has found something to really work for them. I did ask my cardo doc about the vegus nerve and he stated it is connected to these PVC's bc if I rub around my breast bone it will make a bad spell calm down. So yup the vegus nerve, our stomachs it all counts. Good luck with your new cure!
What side is the Vegas nerve on?
The Vegas nerve goes from the brain all the way to your legs
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May I ask If you might also have thyroid problems? I have been researching the connections between our metabolism stomach vagus nerve and Acid reflux and have came up with some astounding information. I am testing the theory and will post as soon as I can confirm that this might work.
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Sounds great to me, keep up the good work. I know for me, when my hiatal hernia acts up, I get more flutters, so I know that digestion can sure play a part. The magnesium is great, everyone needs it as well as the ALA.
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Here is what im finding. It is not the Gerd or Hiatel hernia thats causing the problem but the acid reflux and the hiatel hernia and PVC's are a symptom of the overstimulated vagus nerve so, This means that whatever is slowing your metabolism is the culprit ie Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, gastroperesis, and a whole hole of others.
What seems to be happening in many cases is the Metabolic rate has slowed (age , disease) which immediatly tells the Vagus Nerve to produce more acid the vagus nerve controls heart rate and acid production which is why your heart races when you eat a lot of carbs or greasy food. But because your metabolism has slowed the gas stays in your stomach causing reflux or even a hiatel hernia from pressure. This equates to PVC's because the Vagus Nerve is overstimulated and sometimes throws the extra electricity out the path of least resistance.

Seems we treat the symptoms believing they are the cause and never really even get the underlying problems fixed that can stop it all.

Well this is my theory would love to know yor story to try and see if it might fit this also.

Have a good evening
"throws the extra electricity out the path of least resistance." - I hate websites like this. This is the least scientific sentence I have ever read.
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Your theory makes a lot of  sense. I do know however, that when my hiatal hernia is pushing "up" I get more flutters and after my doc pulls it down, they are not so pronounced. Also, after I eat or drink and then sit slouched in a chair, I will have more. I have had all kinds of test, and they all say the same......"normal" Sometimes it makes me angry. Oh yes, I also noticed if I have lots of gas, they will act up and once I get rid of the gas, they are also better. Drinking Aloe Juice sometimes helps also as it helps calm down the "acid"
how does your doctor pull it down? Do you ever get these sharp pinch attacks that almost feel like a palpitation? is that pvc? It always seems to happen when my hiatal hernia is "up" I also have a tremendous diaphram for singing..like an amazing projection ability..its hot I know my hernia is out of place
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Day 4 and still no PVC's hoping this was the answer I was looking for so long.
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hI, read your post, interested in this, I have border line thyroid - didn't want to take medication, but recently went on 25 mg.lowest dose. Do not like taking pharmeceuticals, but I also thought would give this a try. Only just started, could you tell me whether you are still NOT having the palpitations and acid reflux, havn't seem a post from you since the one in  May.  I had a very bad episode yesterday, and wil try to get it onto the general discussion post on this.      Sheila  41
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Hey KB,

Just wondered how these supplements affect the heart physiologically?

Regarding the Vagus nerve. It's quite a neat little nerve.

How it works. There are 12 cranial nerves that originate from your brain box. Number 10 is called the vagus. This little nerve is capable of doing some interesting stuff.

For example when your riding in a chevy and you feel something heavy - yeah the big-D. Typically the vagus nerve is stimulated to peak when one experiences explosive diarrhea. You're bearing down to move the bowels and bang, the lights go out. Why? Because by bearing down you stimulated the vagus nerve which slows your heart rate down.

The mammalian dive reflex. When a warm blooded human thinks he is a polar bear and  goes for an icy cold swim he may experience bradychardia (a slow heart rate). Why? The vagus nerve responds to cold by slowing the depressing the rate of the heart. This is why some cold water drowning victims are resuscitated after being in cold water for hours at a time.

Ventricular Tachycardia. Your heart starts racing, it feels as if it's beating 200 times a minute so you call the ambulance. The paramedic throws the monitor on and finds your in v-tach (super fast heart rhythm). He tells you to bear down as if you gotta go. Your heart rate slows down.

If you feel like your heart is going too fast just sit down and act like your going. By bear down you will activate the vagus and hopefully slow your heart rate down....
Is any surgery for the vagus nerve to stop the pvc's?
Yet more ill-informed clap-trap. Please don't tell people in Ventricular Tachycardia that bearing down will sort them out, you'll kill people. You're confusing a potentially lethal ventricular rhythm with sinus tachycardia, not the same thing at all.
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This thread is a GOD SEND!!! Thank you so much for the info!!
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Hey guys...Believe me I know how stressful these things are and I know none of you do not know me, but I am the most OCD person at figuring things out. So, I have had a run with PVC'd/Heart Pauses my whole life and lately after I ate Taco Bell hungover which I ate too fast and ended burping up food caused mine. I've had them for over a month almost every couple of minutes and I finally figured out how to get rid of em. So, there is something about the vagus nerve and the esophagus and the Vagus nerve. I've known this for a long time and I have even talked to my brother who is in Med School becoming a Radiologist. To make a long story short, I've seen every video, every blog and everything has not helped. I finally figured out that it has something to do with the upper stomach pushing on the nerve. How do you fix it? You ready???????????? Ok, so laying on your back breathe in to upper chest  as much as you can and then breathe out like your pushing your rib cage down into your stomach. You should feel your rib chest pushing down as far as you can go!. That's it.....Now get on with your lives and no need to thank me.  Cheers.
You're right, there's really no need to thank you. What a load of nonsense.
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I was diagnosed with PVC about a year ago.  from time to time I would get this fluttering extra beat and I even had a cardiologist check me out a few years ago.  My heart is super healthy.  But last year (after taking a cold tablet) it was fluttering all day. So I went to the ER.  Nothing, nada, my heart is fine.  A nurse friend of mine had the same thing and a cardio told  her to drink Gatorade (something about electrolyte balance)  well to my delight it stopped!  So when I get a flutter I eat a banana or drink a small gatorade.  Also the nurse who attended me at the ER said he had that all the time - (he was young and very athletic) he said he just cut out the caffeine.  So this is more common than what we think.  
The Gatorade is getting your electrolites back in balance but that's only a short term fix.  Long term, you need to make sure you are not deficient in Magnesium and Potassium The problem is that all but one OTC source of Magnesium has a laxative effect, so I take Magnesium Malate, about 700mg/day, along with a single 99mg tab of Potassium in it's Gluconate form.  That, and NEVER allowing yourself to get dehydrated will at least eliminate the possibility of that as a trigger. I still get PVC's but the most dangerous time of year is late winter in this Northern climate when my body is fully stressed after 4+ months of cold.
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I have had panic attacks around 30 years ago and to the advice of my doctor I stopped ALL CAFFEINE drinks, and started to take a 50 mg tablet of Zoloft before going to bed to increase a certain chemical secretion (not sure if it was dopamine from the brain pituitary gland) and lo and behold all my panic attacks stopped abruptly a couple of days later; until today ... it was a miracle for me and haven't experienced any panic attacks until today 25 years later, even though I do dink a little coffee here and there. If I overdo the coffee drinking I will get PVC and feel jittery a bit but NO PANIC ATTACK.
In turns out that Zoloft is also used to treat depression; but in my case no depression but the action of Zoloft on the brain solved my panic attacks.
I don't know if Zoloft will work on you or someone else; so check MEDs on how Zoloft reacts on the brain and consult with you doctor before trying it. Frankly, I think this should work on others with similar problems instead of relying on Zanax or other calming calming effects.
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