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Unexplained trachycardia and leg tremors

Hi. I am 19 years old female. My height is 157cm and weight 50kg. One night I started to feel very anxious all of a sudden, felt hot flashes and tingling and very scary feeling my heart will stop at any moment. My pulse was way above 100. My mom called an ambulance, but by the time they came I calmed down a bit and when they arrived and checked my blood sugar and pressure, said I look ok only scared and that's all. The next day I was feeling pressure in the head weakness, and had a heart rate of about 70 all day long (my normal rate is 60). I went to my doctor that day and he sent me for blood test. All blood values came back normal and I was told not to worry. Since then, every day I had a pulse of 70-90 for a whole day and felt very anxious. I slept well and felt very well after I wake up for about 2hrs and then it would start again.. About a week ago I started to wake up at 4 in the morning with my heart pounding, shortness of breath, panic and feeling of tired heart (similar to the feeling of really sore muscles after exercising) and fall back asleep only in the midday, or don't sleep at night at all. I then went to the other doctor who made heart and thyroid echoscopy, EKG, lung x-ray and another blood test. Everything came back normal accept there is minor valve prolapse in the heart which was there from the birth and potassium levels were 3.8, which he said is little low and may or may not have caused the symptoms. Potassium levels of the first test were 3.5, but previous doctor did not say anything. I also recently had tooth infection (abscess) which was treated with antibiotics but I need a root canal as well. My cardiologist said the heart symptoms could also be caused by this infection. Did she mean sepsis?? Because it certainly feels like something very bad is happening in my body. I had 2 small root canal treatments already but my dentist refuses to do anything until I get fully tested as my legs start to shake badly when she injects local anaesthetics (this also sometimes happens at night when my heart beats very fast legs start to shake). My doctor says all tests needed are done and I look healthy accept unexplained trachycardia, but I still think there is something very serious happening. Please help, doctors in my country (Lithuania) are not very careful, even in private hospitals.
p.s: I was prescribed bromazepam for when heart rate is really high and valerian root drops for everyday. All valerian does makes me more tired and bromazepam used to work for the whole night and the day after, but now I wake up with my heart racing even after taking it before sleep.
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Unfortunately we really can't diagnose you on the web.  You need to see your doctor for that.  Does your fast rate start and stop in what feels like one beat or is it more gradual?  If it is gradual it very well is something outside the heart contributing to your higher rate.  It sounds like your blood has been tested so they likely ruled out thyroid issues.  I would ask if you have stomach issues as that can actually aggravate the heart, cause it to act up.  Also how much water do you drink?  If you are dehydrated that can be part of the problem.  Low blood pressure can also be part of the problem.  POTS and Dysautonomia are conditions that can contribute to higher than normal heart rate though a rate 70-90s is still considered normal.  The other thing this could be is simply anxiety and panic.  A lot of your symptoms do seem to point to it so consider whether or not you find yourself anxious and fearful on a regular basis.  If so maybe try to see if you can find some good coping skills like meditation and yoga as well see a therapist to help with it.  Other than that is is possible your tooth infection is the cause or you are allergic to antibiotics.  Unfortunately you must work to rule out other causes to get to the root of the trouble which can take time.  I would suggest maybe seeing if you can get a tilt table test to rule out POTS and/or dysautonomia.  If these are ruled out it very likely may be something outside the heart causing it to be higher than normal.  Either way try to drink lots of water and see if it helps.  Best of luck sorting it out.  I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you for answering. I can not feel when fast heart rate starts, only tightness in chest and chortness of breath followed by the feeling of anxiety and trembing as well as humming in my ears. I'm also unable to breathe deeply. I drink 2 liters of mineral water a day so dehydration is not the cause. I was using penicillin for my tooth earlier which eliminated sympthoms for a few days although they returned the next day I stopped taking antibiotics. During the time I waited for my appointments I was taking 4 cloves of garlic everyday, assuming I have some kind of infection in my body, and it really helped for a week. Now I start to have symthoms again in early mornings (5-6). I have another blood test tomorrow and cardiologist appointment after results return. My doctor said they might use halter monitor to see heatrt rate during the day and other tests also. I am very nervous to wait as now believe I have heart infection, since antibiotibs and garlic helped, and sudden death one of the side effects in young adults.
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Blood test came back normal, apart from increased oesinophils
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Do you have a history of anxiety? This sounds like a good bout of increased anxiety. The sudden feeling of anxiousness along with the symptoms you described match a panic attack. Once you have one, a lot of times your body is on high alert and will cause an increase in your heart rate, along with other fun and annoying symptoms. Despite the fact your heart rate is usually 60, 70-90 isn't too alarming from my understanding. Usually when it gets to be above 100 on a regular basis is when doctors may become more concerned. I am not saying this is definitely what is happening, but as an anxiety-sufferer, I know how convinced you can became that there is something incredibly wrong with you when really everything is alright.
Yes, I have a history of anxiety, but only during the night as I am afraid of darkness since the childhood. It was very similar to panic attacks when it started, but now I have tight chest and shortness of breath when I wake up. Pulse is around 80 most of the time, but gets above 100 at least one time a day. Another weird thing is, that when it all started, I felt unbearable pressure in my head but no pain, as if my head is going to explode, an only minor anxiety before going to sleep. Later, it evolved to this chest tightness and no pressure in the head at all. I have to wait for cardiologist appointment for 2 months, unless I go private, but not sure what tests I should I ask for...
Also, before it all started I was taking Piracetam and drinking A LOT of coffee for a long time as I was studying for finals. I stopped the first day I felt unwell, and a long time has passed, but may it be my nervous system was damaged or something like this..
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I have pots / dysautomonia,what your saying  is along those lines,here is a simple test, not conclusive but a starting point, sit down and relax after a few minutes take your heart rate, then stand up take your heart rate again, if it jumps by 30 points or more thats a good indication of pots. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, when you stand up or become more active your heart rate will rise,my heart rate will will jump to 130's+ just standing up or 160's + just walking up a small set of steps.signs to look for is lightheadness,dizziness,headaches, shortness of breath,sensitive to light or noise,and much more.most Doctors do not know much about this but Dysautomonia effects mostly young women. I hope this helps good luck.
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Heart rate increased exactly by 30. All symptoms match mine. Is this disorder caused by serious diseases? What doctor should I go to to get checked? It sounds dangerous if left untreated for extended periods of time. Thank you
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Been diagnosed with pots/dysautonomia. Thank you
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