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Varapamil, would you take it?

My Electrophysiologist disagreed with my GP and said that he doesn't think I have WPW.  I need to do a stress test to see what condition I do have (I guess I can still hope I have no condition, I am just out of shape).  It may be anxiety.

Anyway, I asked my EP if there is something I can take for my PVCs.  I get between 100-200 a day, something around there.  A recent holter monitor said I had 93, but it was a below average day.

I have asthma, so I can't take a Beta Blocker.  So he prescribed me Verapamil.

1.)  Would you risk the side effects of a Calcium Channel blocker to get relief from that number of PVCs
2.)  is Verapamil likely to provide me relief of any kind?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Give the doctor's prescription a try, it could help.  It has been on the market and in use for decades, and is still considered safe after all that "field" experience.
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I've taken verapamil for many years without any problem.  I take 240mg/day.  
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I took verapamil for a couple of months (for PVC's) and it made things worse, so I went back to my BB but I can understand if you can not take that particular RX. It's prob worth a try, tho.
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I had a very bad reaction to Verapamil but many take it without problems. More recently I was given Diltiazem, still a calcium channel blocker, and other than the usual adjustment period with fatigue and headaches, it was fine. My doctor gave it to me for my tachycardia, not my run of the mill PVC's and PAC's. They're not considered a problem other than the heart hiccup sensation. I average 1-5 a minute.

All you can do is try the medication, see if it helps, if the side effects are worth the slight decrease in PVC's. I doubt that they'll go away completely. Many people recently have found magnesium works well with PVC's. I tried it too and it did help a lot. I'm so skeptical but it worked. Just another option.
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