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Waking up with body vibrations

I am wondering if anyone has ever felt the following:  Almost every night I fall asleep normally only to suddenly wake up 20-30 minutes later with these feeling of vibration throughout my whole body.  MY heart seems slightly irregular and has the feeling like it wants to start racing.  Sometimes it does, most times it just beats strongly.  The vibrating feeling throughout my body is disconcerting.  I put my hand out to see if I'm actually shaking.  I am slightly but nothing in comparison to what I feel internally.  It last up to 5 minutes, then eventually I fall asleep, only to wake again after 20-30 minutes.  This can happen up to 5-7 times a night.  Eventually I fall asleep and fall into the regular REM sleep.
Any thoughts?  Thank you all.  
PS.  I do not drink alcohol, smoke nor take caffeine.
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I just thought this comment deserved an "Amen!"

I think those of us who have heart arrhythmias taught ourselves to be super vigilant and pay attention to every little thing that happens with our bodies, although the vibrations I feel are intense and disrupt my sleep often.  
I so want to just say "to hell with all of it" and stop thinking about every little bodily manifestation.
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SO hard to undo the tracks we have laid in our conscience.  But I make it a daily practice now that whenever I feel something, I just observe it without interpreting it, understanding that it will pass. This is not easy for me.  I hope by doing this over and over, eventually my brain will stop freaking and interpreting when I get symptoms.  Take good care.
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Hello, all the intense vibrations I feel are after I fall asleep, quickly wake up and vibrate.  I have an apt. with a sleep expert Thursday to discuss these vibrations. I will post his comments and maybe you will get a hint about your vibrations.  
When I first started experiencing arrhythmia, my whole body was in a state of anxiety. Awake, I would feel vibrations, sudden jerks of the hands, arms, and head, lumps in the throat, feelings of being short of breath.  Over the years I have grown somewhat accustomed to the arrhythmia, and all those symptoms eased up considerably.  I definitely attribute them to the high anxiety I felt.  I still feel anxiety but not as intense as I use to.
Hi.  Could you tell me if you still get these please?
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If these vibrations are truly bothering you, why dismiss it.  Although the dr's certainly do. Or if they're not really bothering you, why even mention them.  When I switched from an Ambien at night to a prozac for sleep, come to think of it, I haven't been experiencing the vibrations. Maybe it is an SSRI reaction. I agree, we all get distracted on this website, usually by other individuals, with whom we have a lot in common, and it does turn into an addiction.  But I think all of us can say we have learned so much from our fellow addictees. And we keep learning.  I don't think I dwell on my issues, I dwell on finding solutions to my issues, because the dr's sure as heck don't. I think because of the advances in medical technology and the accessability of that information to all of us by way of the internet, the dynamics of today's dr-patient relationship has shifted.  The dr's don't have the time to devote to learning all the latest in any field, much less a variety of fields.  Pity the poor internal medicine dr or general practice dr or nurse practitioner. Most of them don't have a clue. And you usually have to see them first before being referred to a specialist.  Now, where was I...
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It sounds like you may have some tics along with your arrythmia.  It could be your Vagus nerve acting up. Looking forward to your sleep dr's report. Maybe you have sleep apnea.
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Saw the sleep doc today who told me it may be a mild case of apnea which can only be confirmed through a sleep study. OR it could be driven by hormones, OR anxiety.  I may in the future consider a sleep study.  He did not give (or couldn't) a specific reason for WHY my body vibrates.  I realize there could be any number of reasons, but it just feels frustrating that no matter who I see, cardiologists, EP's, GP, no one can just pinpoint the problem and give a specific answer (to my palps, vibrations, etc).  The body is complicated, but I still wish for a clear-cut answer.  I'm left floating in a sea of information and confusion.
So, unfortunately, no earth shattering revelation here for the vibrations.
Just a note...a sleep study would reveal some of your issues, maybe. Normal apneas for adults are up to 5 times per hour. Anything a bit over that is sleep apnea, even if mild. Usually treated with CPAP.

However, in my case I had a 4.7 Apnea-Hypopnea Index. I didn't have sleep apnea. I had an Respiratory Disturbance Index of 18, which is 18 events per hour that my airways narrow (but don't close off like obstructive sleep apnea does). Nevertheless, when the airways narrow, they cause something called RERA's (Respiratory Effort Related Arousals), which is a fancy way to say the brain is waking up in order to open the airway a little more to improve breathing. Just like apnea, but not apnea. Most sleep doctors do not recognize UARS as a condition and therefore don't treat it. Treatment for the RERAs is typically CPAP or Bi-Pap, depending on which one they feel is best. They can do a titration study (a sleep study while using the machine) to see how well it is decreasing your amount of RERAs.

I mention all of this because I get the intermittent "sleep vibrations" like you do. I suspect it is UARS-related. The body immediately goes into sleep fast because it is exhausted. Are you tired during the day? You will be exhausted daily, no matter how much sleep, even with UARS or mild sleep apnea.
Do you take any benzodiazepines? That may be the problem.
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