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Waking up with body vibrations

I am wondering if anyone has ever felt the following:  Almost every night I fall asleep normally only to suddenly wake up 20-30 minutes later with these feeling of vibration throughout my whole body.  MY heart seems slightly irregular and has the feeling like it wants to start racing.  Sometimes it does, most times it just beats strongly.  The vibrating feeling throughout my body is disconcerting.  I put my hand out to see if I'm actually shaking.  I am slightly but nothing in comparison to what I feel internally.  It last up to 5 minutes, then eventually I fall asleep, only to wake again after 20-30 minutes.  This can happen up to 5-7 times a night.  Eventually I fall asleep and fall into the regular REM sleep.
Any thoughts?  Thank you all.  
PS.  I do not drink alcohol, smoke nor take caffeine.
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I know its frustrating.  I did a sleep study about 10 yrs ago, not because of the vibrations (I hadn't experienced those yet) but because I had insomnia really bad, I could go to sleep, I just couldn't stay asleep. Well, at the sleep study they had to give me an ambien at midnight because I couldn't even go to sleep.  The next morning,  they told me I didn't have sleep apnea, that maybe it was some emotionally based thing and that maybe I should see a psychiatrist.  Go figure.  I haven't had an ambien in a long time (I think it can be dangerous when you have ANY heart issues) but the prozac I believe has helped with sleep, mood and vibrations.  I'd still like to stop that med as well.  
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Thanks for pointing out the catecholamines to me.  We shall see what the tests show.  Just saw an endocrinologist to rule some things out.
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I went to the doctor last year because I was having these vibrations.  I still get them.
I'm close to 50 and he contributed it to hormones and peri menopause.  So, I looked up vibrations and menopause and there is all kinds of information on a site where women talk about vibrations.  I'm beginning to believe my doctor (for once).  lol
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Thanks to all of you for your comments.  I find some peace in the fact that I am not alone.  Arrhythmia can get in your head and make sleep difficult at best.  I have got no support from my Dr and have been left with the feeling that I am a hypo condriac.  My symptoms are so intermittant it is difficult to get an ekg at the appropriate time.  The symptoms are frustrating and impactful on my life.  No being believed by a Dr is just depressing.
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Frenchie, I too am close to 50 :P and probably all these hormones are doing a number on me, but I've had these vibrations with sleep from the time I was a teenager.  I think the vagus nerve plays a major part in this.  Kind of comforting that it's not the heart causing it.
I just wish the doctors had more answers, which is probably naive, since the body is so complicated and there's not always a specific remedy that covers everyone the same.  In the end, it looks like we have to manage our own heads.  Difficult!!!

jpek, If you are interested you might want to look into this great book which can prove very helpful and comforting.   It is "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" by Dr. Diane Weekes.  Cheap on Amazon.
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I actually am one of the ones that recommended that book on this site.  I have had it since I was 21 years old.  I helped me more than I can say.
Yes, the vagus nerve is also the culprit.  Mine is so sensitive that I can't even do yoga because all that breathing brings on heart skips.
Take care
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