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Weird twitching over pacemaker pocket

I have a biventricular pacemaker and started to have strong pulsation and twitching over the pacemaker pocket as I was laying on right side in bed.  The pulsations seem to coordinate with my heart rate when I checked my pulse.  I had these weird pulsations last spring but then they went away after a couple months.  I would think if it's a lose or frayed wire it wouldn't just go away.  I get regular checks through my home monitor.  Nothing unusual is mentioned in the reports.  I haven't been for an in person check in about 3 years.  Anyone have any idea what this could be?  I am paced a lot, about 90% in the ventricles and 100% atria for third degree heart block.  
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Sorry, I should have also that routine follow up for a pacemaker with a home remote is 1 time annually.  Otherwise, if in person checks only 4-6 months with good battery as per you physician and insurance company.  Any problem like you are describing requires an in office check.
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Contact your EP for follow up.  Important.
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