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What causes frequent PVCs during exertion in a normal heart?

Hello I am 25 years old with frequent PVCs. I have had them all of my life as do most people but they were only occasional I was very active as a teenager and did sports but I could never really exert myself too much without getting tired. I’ve seen a cardiologist and have gotten three echoes done with structurally normal heart but I have frequent PVCs. When I turn 23 I started getting them whenever I exerted myself or when I was working out, it scared the crap out of me. My doctor did a halter monitor and another echo showing that there was No change in my heart structure. So what would cause me to have PVCs when I’m exerting myself? I just don’t understand what the change is. I do admit that I have bad anxiety and often stress myself out, could it be because I just have so much adrenaline in my system it’s making my heart go out of control? I take atenolol 25 mg a day it does help but I often just feel so dizzy because  my blood pressure is so low. Dr. refuses to do an ablation unless I am consistently getting over 20,000 PVCs every day. I just don’t understand what is causing this. I’ve been never had any family members die at a young age from a heart condition. I have had family members that do you have heart problems once they turn 55. Especially both of my grandfathers had heart attacks and heart disease. I just wish I knew the answer as to why I get so many of these. I feel like my life has been taken from  me I just don’t function like a normal 25-year-old. I want to have a family but scared to get pregnant because I feel like my hearts just not gonna be able to take it. I’ve had episodes of nonsustained ventricular tachycardia and my doctor has no concerns whatsoever because my heart is normal and I am young. I don’t feel normal I’m always tired I’m always feeling like complete crap and I’m so sick of it. I’ve tried magnesium I’ve tried everything that people have suggested with no help. I’ve even gone on an antidepressant and it had no effect on the PVC What so ever. If anyone could just put my mind at ease as to why my heart is doing this or has any suggestions or thoughts on what’s going on. I feel like I’m gonna die soon because I’m having PVCs whenever I exert myself and this is a classic telltale sign that I have heart problems
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Well, to start with, I (and a lot of others) know exactly how you feel!  The somewhat good news is that you probably aren't going to die from the PVCs if you've been checked out and ruled "benign".  I just completed a 9 month or so streak where I was getting 10k+ per day.  I'm on Metoprolol 25mg which perhaps is similar to your dosage of Atenolol.  I have the same side effects as you experience with the dizziness (esp. when standing) etc.

It's really hard to find what causes these things.  Even if you find something that you think causes them, it could have been something that changed a week or 2 ago or some other hormonal or chemistry change.

I'm in remission now for a month or so.  Was it because of less stress at work?  Maybe.  Was it because I started 2g of Taurine and 1g of L-arginine a week or so before they stopped?  Maybe.  For now, I'm happy they are gone for a bit!

I'd suggest you don't give up on trying to find the cause.  It sure does seem like in a lot of cases the cause is different from person to person.  Magnesium didn't do anything for me either.  If you haven't tried it yet, give Taurine/L-arginine supplements a try for a week or 2 and see if it does anything for you.

I know it is hard to do but the other thing to do is try to ignore them.  Trust me I know how difficult that is!
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It’s just so frustrating. I get them during exercises and recovery which is a big sign you have something wrong with your heart, yet they say mine is fine. I’m now fearful of doing any exercises or activities. This has really affected my life. I won’t even go on vacation for fear I will go into cardiac arrest without a hospital near, pretty ridiculous right? I will try the supplements but nothing has happened to me. I hate this beta blocker I’m always dizzy and lightheaded but I’d rather deal with that than the PVCs
Trust me, I know what you mean and know how they can really effect your life.  I really like it when they are every 2nd or 3rd beat!  ;-)  Just to be clear, mine were also doing exercise, recovery, and every other living moment.

Somehow you have to mentally get past it.  I found that the beta blocker made the PVCs less forceful although they didn't go away.  That was helpful for getting some sleep.  Early on I was taking a sleeping pill to fall asleep but eventually got to where I could do that on my own.  Funny enough, the high frequency actually made it easier for me to get used to.

Sadly there's not a ton of research/work in this area of benign PVCs because they are not life threatening.  I guess that's a good thing and a bad thing - good that they don't kill you but bad that they are annoying and there's very little work done to solve them.

About the vacation - you should go on vacation.  Apparently there's no higher risk of sudden cardiac arrest with benign PVCs.  Don't let the PVC terrorist win!!
One more thing - if you do find that Taurine/L-arginine does help, please remember to come back to update us!  A lot of folks just disappear...
I just now had a short run of them in the car and it just scares the crap out of me. I always think I’m going to die. I know PVCs won’t kill me but I’m scared of going into sustained v tach. I have had episodes of non sustained v tach and it scares the crap out of me. Doctor isn’t concerned though for some reason. I’m just tired of living my life like this.
How much taurine l Argentine should I take a day?
I started with 1g Taurine / 500mg L-Arginine in the morning and the same at night (2g and 1g total per day).  The NIH article talked about 8-10g per day but I preferred to start small and see what happened so I stopped at those levels.  If you search for Taurine and PVCs or heart rhythm you will see others that have had a good experience too.  I'm hopeful for you because you sound like me - nothing else made any difference including caffeine, alcohol, sugar, magnesium, beta blocker, etc.

The only other thing that could have had an impact is I decided to leave my current job.  So if this doesn't work in a week, either try a higher dosage or try changing jobs!  :-D
I do have a very stressful job, I wish I didn’t have to work or work part time but I have too many bills. I get stressed easily. I will try that I actually found some taurine I purchased a year ago in my medicine cabinet and never used. Thanks!
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