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What could this really be?

I am 24 years old and I have always suffered from easily fainting... I have read that and also your heart fluttering or beating "out of your chest" can all be symptoms of a heart Rhythm disorder called Arrhythmias (Atrial flutter) and there was another one that said it's symptom was being able to see of feel you heart rate.... mainly at you neck. the reason I'm posting is I just had this happen to me again.... I have had my chest beating very hard and somewhat quicker than usual. I lay down to see if it helps...it didn't I sat up... that didn't help either... it lasted a lot long tonight than it usually does... about 10-15 mins. I finally took a a baby aspirin and it seemed to taper off slowly before the aspirin had time to work. I have also had a flutter MANY times but when I brought this up to a Dr. they said I was probably stressed or it was caffeine. Well, I don't drink sodas nor was I stressed... I was sitting watching TV!! I'm afraid just because of my young age Doctors will not take me seriously!! I want some test done.... but what could this be? Anyone around my age ever had any of this happen to them?
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It sounds as though you may be experiencing Supraventricular tachycardia episodes.  While this is usually benign (though not unscary) but should be checked out to be sure.  Since this is probably not a daily thing for you, you may want to request an event monitor.  You wear this thing for 30 days and whenever you experience an episode you push a button then call it in to the company who then informas your doc as to what is up.  It is a good way to catch the buggers and give your doctor the big picture to determine what is really going on.

Good luck!!
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