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What is atrial septal redundancy?

Pretty much the opening question is my issue. So to spare you the time if you don't want to read my wall of text that is the question i have at the end of the day. But here is the rest if you are interested.

Basically I have had 3 echos 2 were in the past 5 years and the first was when I was 20 ( about to be 32) I have some mitral valve prolapse which showed up in the two most recent tests which is normal.

But the test I had back when I was younger I wasn't able to meet with the doc my parents did (they aren't the best at explaining things) basically the doctor told them everything checked up. it gives about a paragraph detailing everything looks good and then at the bottom it says

"IMPRESSION: Normal echocardiogram with incidental finding of atrial septal redundancy."

What does this mean exactly? Everywhere I have looked nothing comes up for it except in the context of atrial septal aneurysm. From what I grasp the septum aneurysm is pretty common and most people that have them don't have any issue.

But I also came across a post on here where someone asked what septal redundancy was as well and someone replied that it  

"means is that the septum or wall between your two lower chambers or ventricles is a little more flexible and stretchy and falls within that weird place of its not wrong and its not right."

So I am confused. Maybe by all the terminology but what they were saying sounds like what aneurysms are. Or does septal redundancy mean that it isn't on the level of an aneurysm or is it something else entirely? Would appreciate any help understanding this. Thanks a bunch.

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Are you sure it isn't "interatrial Septal Redundancy"?  The septal wall separates the left and right atria, the upper chambers of the heart.  As the heart develops in a fetus, the septal wall grows and eventually seals and separates the left and right chambers.  I THINK in your case as well as mine, the septal wall doesnt seal completely up, but overlaps like a pair of sliding doors.  It'd not normal, but it's nothing that needs correcting.
Nah on my form it says atrial septal redundancy. I could be wrong but aren't those terms interchangeable? I saw a few topics that referred to it as atrium septum.

Wouldn't this be considered some sort of defect? Or is it not since it seals for the most part?
Yeah, I think the two are interchangeable.  Is it normal? No.  Is it something that needs correcting? I'm 67, and it hasn't affected me; sprint cycling and speedskating and it had no affect on me.  Of that indeed is what you have..
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