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Whats the difference between svt and vt?

I understand both are fast heart rates. I just had a sudden racing heart in the 130s for bpm that died out within 10-15/20 minutes while trying to fall asleep, in the past ive suffered from pvcs and palps but after a very full workup everything was deemed benign, no heart conditions, disease or problems. But Im worried if it was vt since thats potentially fatal.

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Are there any signs or characteristics or something that help seperate the two?
Well, generally a sustained episode of VT will make you feel like absolute garbage. Blood pressure falls, you get short of breath, pass out, become confused and disoriented etc. etc.

Svt can cause the same symptoms but this is less frequently the case. Likewise vt can occur without any of those really scary symptoms but this is likewise less frequent.

The only way to definitively tell the difference is an ekg, Holter monitor, event monitor or a dual chamber pacemaker (if you happen to have one).

It sounds like a holter monitor of an event monitor may be appropriate in this case.
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Just a comment here.. 130bpm seems very slow for SVT.  SVT ranges are usually 160 to 240 or so.  I would think that if you're healthy, if you have no history of heart disease, if you have never taken illegal drugs, the chances or VT are rather low.  Now, my daughter has been having episodes of a-fib.  In fact, she is having an ablation next week for it.  Her afib episodes range in the 130's, although they were much higher before drug therapy.  When I felt her pulse in her wrist during an episode, it felt like slow SVT.  It was a steady beat, with only occasional messed up rhythm.
Having had a near lifetime of SVT, I can tell you that you can function quite well with it, especially if you're already at high cardiac rates such as experienced in a strenuous sport.  I remember finishing a cycling or speed skating event, situations where heart rates could be over 200bpm, and as my respiration slowed, it became quickly apparent that while my breathing slowed, my heart rate was a steady 220 or so. So yeah, while jumping to 'hyperspace' from a resting pulse is very obvious, an SVT event at high respiration and heart rates might not be so noticible.  For me, I couild function just fine and never felt like I might pass out.
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