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Why does COPD cause PAC'S?

I have been reading on the internet and read where if you have COPD, that you have more PVC'S, and that it is caused because of this condition. I am curious to find out why someone with a lung disorder would have more of these PVC'S. Why would they be connected? I have been diagnosed with COPD a while back, and wondered if there was a connection. The dr's. have never mentioned this to me.
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Increased bloodflow and pressure in the pulmonary vein makes the vein dilate and "release" PACs. You can get the same effect just from deep breathing / hyperventilating.

Pulmonary hypertension increases right ventricle workload, causing more PVCs

Both PACs and PVCs
Reduced O2 saturation have an ischemic impact on the heart muscle (just like angina does) - reduced O2 to the muscle - changing the cell action potential and causing premature beats.
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We have to remember that the heart and lungs are directly connected so having COPD to me would impact the heart and yep cause you to throw out some PVC's. I do not believe however from my understanding and experience that it will become progressive unless your COPD does.  With COPD one of the main symtoms is shortness of breath and that would directly effect your heart because your heart has to work a little harder to compensate for the lack of oxygen.  Thus an occasional bout of PVC's.  Millions of people on this earth throw PVC's and don't even know it and generally they are pretty benign and not to be concerned about again unless the episodes become more frequent and then at that time it would be time to call the doc and ask for a referral to a heart doc.  
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I have asthma along with tachy and PAC's.  When my lungs are hyperexpanded, my PAC's are terrible...I have to keep my asthma under control in order to help minimize my PAC's.
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