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Why tachycardic after eating carbs

I am trying to find out why my heart rate doubles after I eat carbohydrates — especially simple carbohydrates, and especially on an empty stomach.

My resting heart rate is 52 BPM. About thirty minutes to one hour after eating simple carbs on an empty stomach — sugar, white bread, candy bars, etc. — my heart rate jumps to 100 BPM, and my chest tingles.

I am 45, male, overweight. I have daily PVCs and Bradycardia with no symptoms. I have been diagnosed with lone atrial fibrillation. It has happened four times — each time lasting 6-20 hours — and always when exerting myself after eating — lifting weights, basketball, etc. I have learned to exercise in the mornings before I eat. Otherwise, my heart will flop like a fish.

My M.D. does not know why it occurs. My blood tests always come back normal. I am not diabetic and my cholesterol is low.

If I eat complex carbs, and/or small portions, my heart rate will not get too high. Maybe 75-80 BPM. I understand lifestyle changes will most likely correct or ease this problem, but I would like to know what causes it.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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What you are experiencing is called postprandial tachycardia, and it is--in general--normal.  Digestion takes energy, and the heart's job is to produce oxygen for work.
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