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abblation failure

In May of 08 I had an abblation.  I was in afib for the first 19 days following the proceedure.  Since then the average has bettered to about 2.5 days per week of afib/aflutter and the rest of the time I am in normal sinus rythum.  Before the proceedure I had afib about 1 day a week.  Is there any hope that I will continue to improve?  I am fearful of having a second abblation as I had some complications during the first (excessive bleeding, etc.) I am now of coumadin, sotalol 180 mg twice a day and bp meds (micardia & cartia).  What are my prospects at age 61?
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It is disappointing to read your fib/flutter is worse than before ablation.  In fact, being one who is in afib/aflutter 100% of the time (24/7), your note doesn't encourage me to consider ablation.  

I have undergone heart examinations via a catheter leg vein/artery (whatever it is) and have had no problems with that area, so maybe your bleeding was unusual and not to be expected as normal for you.  

I realize my input is only slightly connected to your question, but sometime a response helps trigger more responses.  I'll put his thread on my "watch list", but doubt that I'll have anything else to offer.

Good luck, hope you get better without any further medical intrusions.
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