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after surgery

Going crazy here.....I had mitral valve repair in late september after spending over 1 year in atrial fib., and came out of it quite nicely all things considered. 50 yr old male, average shape, work daily..diagnosed with mitral valve leakage at 20 yrs old, medicated all my life and had repair at age 50. Since the surgery, well healed, stay in sinus rithym but have had occasional spells of double vision since. No pattern, comes at will and lasts maybe 3 mins. Seen multiple eye doctors, talked with my surgeon and cardiologist, no one will tell me that this happens. Does this go away?? Has any one else experienced this? Please let me know.
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I am 32, female.  I have been diagnosed with MVP in Dec. 2006 and have been symptomatic ever since.  Had various Echo/TEE's done and Cardio said I had "mild" (grade 2) leak/regurg.  I had Ablation done Nov. 2007 to treat PSVT, but still have PAC/PVC's daily.

For the past 2 months I experienced muscle weakness, short of breath, chest pains, no energy.  Had follow-up Echo done 04/03/2008 and Cardio discovered that I now have "severe" leak (3-4) and called in the opinion of the Thoracic Surgeon.  I have to go see Surgeon next week to discuss replacement of valve!  I am sooooooooo scared and soooooo glad that I discovered someone on this web who had valve op.

What was your symptoms before you agreed to op?  did you have CHF or heart enlargement?

Sorry I couldn't answer your question.
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I will answer your question later this evening.....just cking to see if any responses to my problem, but don't worry, with the right surgeon, you'll be fine. I have to get to work right now. You'll be fine.
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I was diagnosed with MVP at age 19 as I said.....medicated most of my adult life. Over the years, had episodes maybe once every 2 yrs, medication would put me back in rithym, and as I got older episodes more frequent, and at age 47, went into A-Fib and stayed there. Weak, light headed, irregular beats. My cardiologist was just ready to keep me stable and leave it at that, but I insisted on seeing a specialist about ablation. Once on the table for ablation, they found through the (can't think of the term) esphogial echo maybe?? down the throat with a camera anyway, that my mitral valve leakage was higher that a 5 and the ablation would never hold me. I agreed to the surgery and he told me that he could FIX my mitral valve and not replace it. And he did. My recovery time was approx 8 weeks, I felt bad for about 2 of those weeks, and did not have my sternum broken. He went in under my right breast between ribs and my scars are minimal. As I said in my original posting, my heart is now fine, but I suffer from a vision problem that I believe was caused by the heart/lung machine. I will keep looking for answers, but as for you, don't worry about what you need done. The most important thing for you is to have complete confidence in your surgeon, and if you don't, then find one who gives you that confidence. You believing that you'll heal and be fine is what will make you heal and be fine. But I know what you're going through..........the blessing for me was my surgeon. He is an amazing talent with a gift for the bedside mannor.
If I can help you any more, just post. I'll keep checking here..I like this site. God bless you and don't worry. They do these operations today like they use to take out tonsils. As I said, just make sure you have complete confidence in your surgeon, and the rest will take care of itself.     Peace,  jack51
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The term you were looking for is TEE (I can amaze you with my spelling, but let's just leave it as TEE :)  I had 2 of those done last year.

The Surgeon that my Cardio referred me to is very well-known around here and I have time share in that Hosptial by now and I know all the ICU personnel.  Have spend a lot of days in 2007 in ICU, having Angiogram, atrial fib, PSVT (Ablation solved that problem) so for that part I am confident that I have the right Hospital and Surgeon.

Will my Cardio also be involved with op?  or is it just me and the Surgeon from now on?

I am sooooooo glad that I moved my appointment to the 11th, cause I am getting these weird dreams and think about all my questions to Surgeon and make notes and worry, worry, plan plan.  That's just me :) can't help it.

So far I have learned that they can't repair my valve but have to replace it.  In South-Africa they only do the open-heart surgery, breaking your sternum and bypassing heart/long... 7-10 days hospital stay and 6-8 weeks recovery.

I am still young and that counts FOR me and I don't have CHF yet and LV size is 46mm, so I think I will have a quick recovery and no complications.

I will keep you posted on any developments and news.
Thank you so much for caring :)  have a great weekend.
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