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are these ectopic beats?

Hi guys,

I've read a few articles about ectopic heart beats, but I still don't 100% understand the symptoms.
I have a problem(?) and I'd like to know if these are ectopic beats.
if I sit or lie calm, I generally can feel my heartbeats. and some of the beats are somewhat stronger than most of the beats (and happen almost constantly). If I take my pulse on my neck, I can feel the stronger beats with my fingers as well.
For example:
my heart beats like this:
bam bam bam BAM bam BAM bam bam bam bam BAM BAM bam bam ...

so... these big BAMs, are not THAT big. stronger, but not earth shaking. and the rhythm and rate of the beats are fine. there are NO skips between them (maybe just a fracture of second that I can't really feel). as far as I know, classic ectopics are extra beats or skipped beats, that are obvious (once a month I notice 1-1 skipped beat too, those are different and scary).

so, can these BAMs be ectopic beats? what do you think?
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No, it doesn't sound like "ectopic beats". PVCS/PACS are not missed beats or skipped beats, they are premature beats that originate from the Ventricle (PVC) or Atrium (PAC) verses the Sinus Node where heart beats are supposed to come from and they can happen for a bunch of different reasons too. The reason why a lot of us can feel them is because when it happens the Sinus Node resets itself, there is a brief pause causing the chambers to fill with extra blood and so when the next normal heart beat comes its often forceful because its pushing out all that extra blood. It feels different to different people. Mine often feel like flutters. The drs say we don't feel the actual PVC/PAC but the next normal beat. I have felt my pulse before when I have a bout of them and I can feel the pause in my pulse and so what you describe doesn't sound like it is neither PVCS or PACS to me but then again im not a dr. If its bothersome or worrisome make an appointment with your dr so he/she can check you over.

Good luck :)
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