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brugada or just panic attacks

hello im 18 years old,i have anxiety and panic attacks for 7 month already all started from chest pain and heart palpitations ,so i did ekg,2 holter,stress test,echo all came fine,but i have this fear of brugada and scd.can anyone tell me is it possible to check brigade on holter,because iv read that only with some medication it is possible to unmask brigade pattern.
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no i don't have any family cardiac issues my father is 54 years old and my mother 50.even grandfather who is 86 years old is still alive and only has coronary problems like all old people have.
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I am not a doctor but from what I read the main way to be diagnosed is by an ekg which you had.  But even if an ekg showed signs that doesn't mean you have it unless there are other factors such as

This ECG abnormality must be associated with one of the following clinical criteria to make the diagnosis:

Documented ventricular fibrillation (VF) or polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (VT).
Family history of sudden cardiac death at <45 years old.
Coved-type ECGs in family members.
Inducibility of VT with programmed electrical stimulation.
Nocturnal agonal respiration.

Simply having ectoic beats is not an indication of Brugada. You can ask your cardiologist to clarify for you that it was checked for but odds are good that your issue is mostly anxiety related.  Work on your anxiety and you may likely see a drop in your ectopic activity.  Other things to pay attention to are stomach issues and stimulants like caffeine.  In any event, try to not worry but if you have a family history of early sudden cardiac death then speak with your doctor.  
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oh i forgot hotter shoved ventic. beats and other ectopic beats
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