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chest pain and shortness of breath

Male 24 yrs old . Weight :- 150lbs, height :-  5 ft 8 in. NO family history of heart disease.
(I apologize for the length of this message.)
        It all started on January I had a weird feeling in middle of my chest. Felt like something is moving inside my chest or kind of like tingling feeling but it was internal(No chest pains).  I never had that feeling before.  Waited for 4 days since it didn't improved went to see a family doctor in urgent care. Had a EKG(10 sec.) and the Dr. said  it's Sinus arrhythmia. My BPM was 92. He said my heartbeat is little irregular but can't say anything as EKG was done just for 10 sec.

       After a week since it Didn't improved I saw a Cardiologist. He ordered complete Blood test and had a holter monitor for 24 hours. Blood test came fine. Thyroid was normal. Holter monitor showed my max HR was 152 and min. was 52 and ave. Hr was 90. Dr. said even though my Heart rate was 152 but it goes up rhythmically. He said it didn't jumped.

    After 15 days I experienced Chest pain and left leg pain so I went to ER thinking its a heart attack.  They repeated my blood test, EKG and performed a CAT scan of chest. Everything came back normal and was sent home.

     Again after a month I experienced very fast Heartbeat and nausea and went to ER thinking i have having a heart attack. My BP was 150. can't rmr the other num.  They repeated my Blood test, x-ray and was on EKG for one hour. Everything came back normal and I was said i have tachycardia.

   I continuously had mild chest pain for few minutes and felt shortness of breath for weeks so I made a trip my the same cardiologist. He performed echo cardiogram and repeated my blood test and had my lipid checked. Everything came back normal.

    Still after months, I do feel chest pain on left side and shortness of breath nearly twice a week. When i feel a chest pain it dooms me and I think that I might have a heart attack .
I seriously need some help what might be  causing my chest pain and shortness of breath. Is it possible that it might be getting accumulated to something serious. I really get scared when ever I feel pain in left chest.i think that I will have a heart attack. Does anyone has similar experience? There should be some reason behind this.
Your advice will be appreciated. why do i still feel short of breath at times?
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Have you thought about getting another opinion? I would and if you do seek a 2nd opinion ask about a stress test since you've had the other workups done.

The other thing I would do is send requests to the places you've been and get all of your test results, labs etc and take them with you to that appt if you make one - not wait for the new dr to send for them.  side note - some places may charge you for these copies, but not all do.

You may want to watch any triggers you have such as eating drinking smoking stress etc and keep track of what you're doing when you're having symptoms
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Hi i read your post to...you posted that you are feeling pain on the left side of your chest....you may want to try to track exactly where the pain is...our hearts sit dead center of our chest in men it sits exactly between the nipple lines and just very very slightly to the left.  If your pain is further to the left than that i am sure you were listened to w. a stethescope by the docs but i am thinking if it is further to the left than that and you are having some issues w. your breathing and all of your heart tests came back  okay that maybe you are having some sort of lung issue going on here....maybe a little infection., asthma, a little bout of bronchitis starting up........you may want to do process of elimination here since it is happening a couple of times a week..try to find out if it is happening at the same time of the day, what you are doing at that time,  if you were having a series of even small heart attacks over all of these months i doubt you would be posting right now....i think maybe you should consider moving on from the heart and try to figure out what else it possibly could be by process of elimination.  After all of your heart tests and visits to the hospital and doctors during one of the tests and exams they would have definately picked something up by now.  Anxiety can definately effect our breathing and if you feel you are sitting on a time bomb waiting for it to go off and all of your tests came back normal anxiety may very well be the culprit.  Sometimes it is something more than physical that can effect our bodies...like fear, anxiety, nervousness, stress, lifestyles....sounds like you are waiting for an ax to fall that never will for you....go to plan B now ...like Lisa said if it gives you peace of mind get a second opinion just to be sure for yourself if nothing else but it sounds like you may have to look a little deeper for the answers...good luck i know this isn't fun......
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thank you for your time guys.i really appreciate. I get pain in the lower middle of the chest lil below what you said cindy..and sometimes in the right. I had an x ray done 2 months ago for short of breath he said it's fine. I had a xray and he listened using stethoscope . I stopped all my caffeine intake like coffee, soda, energy drink but i smoke 10 cig. a day.
I don't think i have any stress ...anyways thank you for your time guys..
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i am getting my insurance again..so i wil b seeing a dr. next week..so do you think that should i see a internist or a cardiologist??
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i just scheduled for a treadmill stress test for next week. wil keep you posted.
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Hi guys. I had my stress treadmill test today. I reached to 198 BPM in prolly 15 min. of walking inclined treadmill and I got exhausted and while on rest it took me quite a while to return my heart rate even after 20 min rest my HR was still 110-115. Dr said I have few extra beats but he is not concerned. Dr. said he is kind of concerned that my heart is taking a while to come down but he doesn't want to put me on medication.He told me to see him after 6 mo.
Today all day I have my HR around 100-110 and i don't feel too good either.  
What should i do next any suggestion please.will be appreciated.
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this is just what I went through, but I couldn't make it past 4min and 55sec on my stress test due to Frequent pvc's - 2 PVC couplets; Increasing shortness of breath, as well as increasing dizziness.  1 PVC triplet in recovery along Nausea was noted in recovery and I passed out....I got to my target HR of 154 and it went down the 20-30 pts they wanted it to in the cooldown minute, but I failed the test :(

Have you given thought to quitting smoking I have read that some who smoke have higher hr's although not sure why...I'm sure someone will be able to tell you why.

Did you ask why he didn't want to find the cause of your tachycardia or treat it? could be something very simple but if you keep having problems, go back or seek another opinion and make notes of specific questions and get your answers =)
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Thankyou so much for you reply lisa. I felt really good until 8 min. at treadmill but after that i kinda feel exhausted but still i was talking with the nurse and walking. I did treadmill for around 15 min. and I reached my Target HR of 198.Still I walked for few min and i asked nurse to stop. But the recovery time was long. Even after 20 min my heart rate was 110. Nurse told me to take deep breath and release it.
Dr. said HR goes up fine but recovery is not that good.I have few extr beats i.e less then 5/hr.
Do you think is it because I am out of shape. Ya i quit smoking for 3 mo. but after that I again started it works as a stress release er for me.
do you think exercise will help in my situation or it might be some other underlying problem?
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