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clicking with pulse?

all the time i experience a clicking in my throat when i have pvc's ...it is very weird ...does anyone else experience this?
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Yeah i have clicking when my heart is irregular. Cannot seem to find out what it is.
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I Tried to explain it to my Cardiologist he said something would be wrong if i didn't hear the clicking
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Our esophagus is jammed in there with the heart, and lungs. It wouldn't surprise me if you feel something. If memory serves me right, I have heard my heart beat after exertion if my mouth happened to be open and I was breathing lightly, sounds like a clicking noise. I've had multiple tests over the years since I've first noticed it, (not tests for it, but I've been stress and echo tested), I've never thought much about it.

One point though, do you hear it sitting up or lying down. Make sure the cardiologist listens to your heart when you're in the position you normally hear it. Still, I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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