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diagnosed with SVT.

Hello folks, 58 year old male dealing with this condition for 5 years. Metoprolol was keeping a lid on this not anymore up to 150mg and meeting with my Dr. Talking ablation and I agreed with him with all the tests & wearing a heart monitor the meds don't seem to be working as well, I'm dealing with more episodes of rapid heartbeats and the anxiety that come's with it. I have ablation scheduled April 22 2016 to correct this God willing.I have other medical issues such as type 2 diabetes also high blood pressure,can I get some feed back with other folk's who where or now dealing with this, also can you give me a heads up on what to expect pre-op & post -op thanks for taking the time to read this God bless from busdriverbrad.
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You should do fone, Brad.  I had mine fixed nearing 60.  Do this... do a search on "Jannie411".  She is a mamber who wrote some great journals on the procedure, and I think it will be useful for you.  Recovery time varies, but expect a few days out of work, and a few weeks before you can start pushing it again.  Good luck!
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