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eating certain foods give a fast heart beat

   I am a 48 yr old woman.   I am in pretty good health.  My weight is good and bp runs about 110 over about 68.   I feel pretty good.   I have had for over 30 years had a fast heart beat which causes me to have anxiety. and often times panic attacks.   Recently I did some alergy test and came up that I had some food alergies.  I have been off of this foods snice Feb and since then it seems that the fast heart beat and anxiety/panic attacks have subsided.   I had also been told that I have mitral prolaspe.   Any wat I really miss eating these foods.  They were wheat, wheat gludden, eggs and dairy.   i want to see my md and he put me on metoprolol after hearing the side effects I am not sure if I want to take this medicine.   My heart beat is much slower now since I am not eating those foods.  I am just wondering at my age if I do have this foods and my heart would race is that bad.   Will I ever be able to eat this foods again?   Should I take the medcine?    I am on no other medcines.   Would taking this medcine make my blood pressure go to low.    I would be so greatful if you would answer me.   Thank you so much
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As with any medication, there are side effects to taking metoprolol.  However, I have been taking it for quite some time to control LongQT and blood pressure and the worst side effect I have had it that occasionally my heart rate will drop lower than 60 (into the 50s). This is to be expected.  Metoprolol is a beta blocker and will make your heart rate slower.  It is also used to control high blood pressure, so yes, it will have an effect on your blood pressure, but probably not that much if you are on a low dose.  This medication has been around for a long time and is actually pretty safe.  Of course, as with any medication, if you experience any uncomfortable side effects, call your doctor, or, if they seem serious, go to the ER.  
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Just out of curiousity, how high was your pulse going after you ate these certain foods. I also notice that every time I eat, especially a large meal my heart rate goes way up from its normal resting rate. I know that the digestion process can cause this but by how much isnormal is what I'm wondering. I also notice that after I eat and my pulse is up even the slightest exhersion will cause it to go up even more than normal. Anyone who has any answers to this would be greatly appreciated.
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