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feel worry

Since last two weeks, I  feel worry for nothing almost every time. It is very hard to say but the feeling like one can feel before examination or interview? I feel that my heart is racing (although I am not sure I have checked with bp meter several time it comes usually between 80 to 90).
It started when I had a very small palpitation but I ignored, next day at around same time I recalled the experience and further though that if I get the palpitation again and my heart will become faster and faster...then suddenly I was too much anxious and had a panic attack for 45 sec or so (I actually don't know what PA is but it was like very hard to breath for me). Now I apparently do not feel any palpitation but I feel that I am scared and my heart is faster (like b4 examination you are worries and your heart beats a bit faster).....
I am a PhD student, working on my thesis and I am under workload. I don't know how to tackle this worry feeling. I have done 24 h holter monitoring and waiting for the result but thinking that if it is not related to heart but my mind then how can I overcome this feeling?
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I am a very healthy person. Do not drink alcohol and coffee but I drink green tea. I do not smoke. Because I am mostly on computer so I have gained some weight (Height is 5 feet 8 inch Weigh is 86).
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It's generalized anxiety disorder.   I've been though very similar. Nice be living with it for the last 18 years.  Started for me when I was 30 and had a very stressful job.   I had a habit of internalizing the problems.   I had to seek the help of professionals.   It's very manageable.  You'll be OK.
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Hate Autocorrect!   "Nice be living" should be " I've been living..."
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Thanks for reply. I also have a habit of internalizing the problem. I always think any problem at its worst. For example, if I have a small headache my brain would think it might be a Brain tumor and go for MRI. It mainly started when my father was in hospital and I have seen him and many other people in ICU fighting for their life. Believe me I sometime hate this life.
I am doing PhD in ecology and fully aware that this is not a positive attitude but I don't have a mind switch so I can put it off for further thinking.

Thanks anyway
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Look up the practice of mindfulness.  It is becoming aware of your thought patterns and turning them around to more positive thoughts when you notice them running away with you.  If you notice a palpitation instead of thinking the worst, when you notice your thoughts go that route, make a very strong effort to resist and change the thoughts, remind yourself you are ok.  It will take practice but will be worth it to break the habit of excessive worry.  You may also want to consult with a therapist about it as well.  Working towards a Phd will add a lot of stress in your life.  a therapist may be able to help you cope with it more effectively.  Take care and best of luck with your studies.
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Thanks for the reply. I think, I need to make some more friends.
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