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heart beats fast

I take Norco and just had cortisone injection for a rash.

I have not had this before.

Tonight, every time I lay down my heart starts beating fast like it is a bicycle with the chain fallen off.

It beats like mad, but when I get up it stops.

Any suggestions?  I took two aspirin.
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Sorry for the slow response on your post, I hope the rapid HR has passed.

You didn't say how fast it is, so it is hard to give any advice/reaction.

The guidance I'd follow myself is:
if under 100 bpm at rest, I'l wait a day or two to see what happens
if over 130 I'd call my primary care doctor
if over 200 I'd go to the emergency room

Taking the aspirin is a good idea, but one is enough for whatever benefit it may provide.  I recommed taking aspirin with food.  
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