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heart screenings for athletes

When an athlete or amateur sportsman dies suddenly, we suspect the stuff we know of like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, anomaly arteries or long qt or something.

But when they say " heart screenings will only pick up 85% of these potential conditions, what are the other 15%?
What do they mean? What are they referring to?

Ecg- should pick up any electrical issue
Echocardiogram- should pick up any physical thickness or structure issues
Holter monitor- any come and go rhythms.
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Thanks for the prompt reply, didn't think id get one for days lol.

Yeah I've read a little into that brugada syndrome, being rare like long qt. Most patients have large fingers and arms apparently?

I'm sure though I read somewhere that brugada is seen on an ecg?

Otherwise how would anybody be diagnosed without receiving a severe electric shock or being given a drug...that's in a cardiology unit in the first place?
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85% is pretty good.  Brugada syndrome would be one that cannot be detected with the type of screening you describe.  It has to be chemically or electrically induced.  There is also a genetic test for it but I don't know how much that cost.  They only would do this for someone that has a history of SCD in the family history.
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