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i cant figure out what is wrong with me

this isn't the first time it has happened,  but it hasn't happened noticably in a very long time.  earlier trying to sleep i noticed my stomach heated up to what felt like blazzing inferno,  my heart started racing,  i felt as if i were ready to puke (and really wanted to too),  a VERY heavy adrenaline rush swooped over me,  and i felt cold in the face and felt like i was sweating pools of water yet i remained completely dry.  I stumbled quickly to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and attempted to urinate and the other end cause that always seemed to help in the previous ones, only succeeded in urinating(making me feel a liitle better getting that hot stuff out if me)  and then i ran over to stand in front of the living room air conditioning unit in an attempt to cool off my inferno of a stomach.  i've managed to calm it down but im worried about it because of how sickly i feel when that happens. the high stomach tempurature and the flushed sweatless/sweating alot adrenaline rush feeling is what i'm worried about the most.  i know if i go to the doctor they'll pass it on as normal but i've not been able to find anyone with a case exactly like mine.  i've found several cases of adrenaline rush/heart rate,  but those people's stomachs don't burn up like mine and they also report heart stopping,  which i've never had.  I cannot even find a case where someone's stomach just heats up and makes them sick! so i cannot find any information regarding what i have. i do know it feels seriously sickening,  especially in tthe stomach where the tempurature is at least 45*C,  the tempurature of a normal computer right after it starts up. and from what i know my organs should be shutting down at that tempurature. probably something to worry about, but i have no form of proof since i wasn't able to get a reading with my temporal thermometer before it died down. can anyone help me with my problem and more importantly,  give me an idea whether it can be serious? any explanatory answer would be appreciated
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I would not assume a doctor would write if off as normal.  You need to see a doctor to get yourself diagnosed.  What you describe isn't normal in my opinion but I can't hazard to guess what it is, whether it is stomach, intestinal, heart related or even something else.  This is why you should go to a doctor so they can figure it out but you also have to be persistent with them.  I had some illnesses that were not easy to diagnose and sometimes initially the doctor will tell you there is nothing wrong but if you impart on them that there is they will listen.  Have you tried an antacids to see if that helps?   Well best of luck getting to the bottom of this.  I hope you feel better soon.
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How did you assess the stomach temperature. 45C is 113F, that would, indeed, be serious. I'd do as MichellePetkus said, I'd see your doctor, detail your symptoms, and he or she will most likely want to run blood tests, possibly other tests as well. I wonder if it's the Pancreas, supposedly, it creates digestive enzymes that are supposed to activate in the digestive system but can activate while still in the pancreas. I would see your doctor.
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No doctor in their right mind would pass this as normal. If your doctor does that, see somebody else. Unless you suspect a serious heart issue, I suggest seeing an internist right away. Sorry to hear about this.
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