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irregular beat...

I an 46.  I started having irregular rhythm last year off and on.  I haven't had in in 8 months or so and it started up again.  I went to a cardiologist and he ran tests and said my heart was healthy.  He said it was probably stress related.  I just moved to TN and lost a job in RI...  it has been a stressful couple of years.  But just last week it started up again after I began exercising.   I started up at the gym last week after a long absense... but I have been taking it slow.   For example i went to the gym at 5:30pm last night and did 20 minutes of treadmill and did some minor workout on weights.   I went home ...everything was fine.  But after an hour or so I started having the palps again and they pretty much last all through the night ...   I woke up this morning and the rhythm seemed to have returned to normal.  is this normal?  is it still stress related?  is their medication one can take?  
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It sounds like you've been through quite a bit of stress the past few years. One would be amazed at what stress does to our bodies. You mentioned that you had seen a cardiologist in the past who said that your heart was healthy and that your symptoms were likely related to stress.

With the stress of job loss and then a recent move, I would be willing to bet that the papitations you experienced after your workout, are related to stress. Certainly, if they worsen you should have an evaluation to rule out other possible causes. As far as medications that can be prescribed...it would be important to remember that medications can come with some side effects which can then lead you to wonder what's worse? Symptoms of papitations or side effects of medication.

You could start by learning how to reduce the level of stress in your life by different relaxation methods. If stress is your trigger than you should notice an improvement in your palpitations.

I hope that you have a "stress" free day!:)
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I so agree with Brooke_38.  There are many causes and many management strategies to ectopic rhythms.  If you can go about it nonmedically, there is so much less chances of complications.  Try to find the path of least resistance in your own world, what brings you the least day to day stress.  Try stopping smoking or cutting back  on caffeine before resorting to drugs that can drop your pressure too much, leave you feeling wrung out, or any number (a long list) of side effects both expected and occasionally more serious.  Blessings to you as you change your life.  Best to have people with you on the journey and we are always. here.
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thanks!  yeah..   i drink a ton of starbucks too which probably doesn't help.   the transition of moving has been hard on my family and i guess it has been way more stressful than i would have realized.  on so many levels.   thanks for the advice.
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I am 61 years and had same problems faced by techbeat.

Doctors have advised me "Cardiron200 mg" x 2  tabs/day. I am having some + effect of this medicine.
Also I advice to floow some YOGIK KRIYAS like Deep Breathing ( Bhasrika ) , Kapalbhati ( Full breating and forced exell by pulling  stomach inside ) , Aunulom Vilom Pranayam,( Close right nostril with right hand thumb and Take slowly but full breath from left nostril hold for 2-3 seconds then release the breath from right nostril by closing the left nostril , repeat the cycle for opposit side.Bhramari,Bahya Paranyam, Agnisar and Omkar.It takes only 30 minutes to complete the exersie.
NO MEDICINES; NO SIDE EFFECTS. I recomend , you must try this method.
For Further details contact following site
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Would you by any chance know of any yoga practisioners in my area (north of Boston,Mass) who can teach me the correct breathing techniques as you mentioned?  I have tried everything to get rid of these dang missed heartbeats from herbs to vitamins to accupuncture to accupressure.  Sometimes, 25 mg of atenolol helps but not always. Magnesium/potassium/taurine supplements have no affect. I have had my heart checked out and found to be ok by cardioogists. I have taken stress tests.  I am and the end of my rope so to speak and have not found anything yet to help but am open for suggestions. I did go to the above web site but dang, the yogis are all the way in India.  Surely there must be someone closer by??
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Try to quit ALL caffeine, i.e. coffee, Colas, tea chocolate and the like.

When I say quit, I mean TOTALLY. Cold turkey.

I bet a week after you do so, the beats will go away.

Best luck!
John P.
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In my case also , I had experienced the same symtoms.My heart was declared OK earlier. But recently, I had done angiography of my heart and found that my heart is having " Miocardial Bridge". In common terms it means, there are no blocks in the artery , but one blood vessal supplying blood to heart muscles is submerged in the heart muscle with many branches opened out and again appears on the heart muscle surface after a short distance. (Normally,this vain in supposed to be on the outer surface of the heart muscle through out its length.)
With the result,the vain gets pressed when the heart squezes during its functioning and the outcome is , the heart gets lesser blood to carry its function.It triggers the message to brain , and heart starts beating more frequently to maintain the required blood demand to the heart muscle. This additional beating of heart is what we experience as palpitation or imbalance of heart pulse rate or missing heart beats.
This is how my Cardiologist has explained to me. More over this defect is not developed over years, but is inborn , and we have to live with it.
This defect can not be corrected by Heart Operations.However, it is claimed that proper medicines , positive thinking and stress less life style, Breathing Exercises , YOGA can help to cure it.
The website, I had given, offers many books in English,CDs and DVDs with simple instructions in English. These are self explainatory and easy to understand and follow.
I give you following address in US where you can contact for further information and guidance.

Jain Consulting
LLC 335 / A ,
East Columbia Avennue
Pali Sades Park
NJ 07650
( I am sorry, I could not get their tel. no  or fax no. or email ID )

Lastly, be positve and say Ten times TO YOUR SELF  , First in the morning and then while going to bed


Dear brother, our mind works faster and surely better than any medicine and drug.
Our body listens to our instructions more positvely and quickly than any thing in the world.
I have done it and got good results. Why do'nt you try ? It does'nt require any money or equipment or no danger of any side effects or injury . Can we not do this simple thing for our own body which has offered us many pleasures in life till date ?

I am sure you will do it.

Best luck to you and enjoy good health.

( Sorry for my bad English, since it is not my mother tongue, I might have made some silly mistakes for which I am sorry. Hope, you understand my feelings and can read between lines ,rather than words. )
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Wow, that was very good information.  Thank you for the response.  I will definately include the phrase you suggested as indeed the mind is more powerful than any medicine out there if only we really knew how to harness that power.
Thanks again
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