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multiple ectopics run for 6/7 seconds

so yesterday i was on my way to the atm on my bike, biking moderately. i yawned, then following the yawn i felt a single skip beat, then another, so i got off my bike but was followed by another 3 or 4 skips, followed by a regular harder beat. it suddenly ended and didnt happen again. no more skips felt the whole night.

ive had holter monitor before and have seen i have couples of PACs, of which i was totally un aware and did not feel them. i had absolutely zero reported PVC's.

what does that episode last night sound like? SVT, PSVT, ATRIAL FLUTTER OR NSVT
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Hi there...

I thought I'd give you my thoughts on your experience since you replied to mine...a few things: You said you felt a skipped beat, and then another, followed by another 3-4 skips. So, you felt them all in succession or did you feel a normal beat in between? Did you take your pulse and was it regular? I would imagine these could be PACs or PVCs, don't know for sure unless you have a monitor. I looked at your EKGs and it looks like you may have some afib, could have been that. With the description of a "harder" beat after the skips, that makes me lean toward PVCs, as a PAC or afib wouldn't have a compensatory pause.

I would recommend you go to the cardiologist and get a monitor if you haven't, I'm talking to mine tomorrow about my episode. If it was a short run of NSVT, in a normal heart this is benign, but NSVT in a "normal" heart is rare and some underlying heart disease could be undetected.
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hi, thankyou for the reply.

Yes what happened was i felt a skip sensation. a bit like a hiccup, but in my chest. then i didnt notice anything unusual the following beat, but then it skipped again the following beat and i had what felt like a slow beat., then followed by a quick what i can only describe as a double beat before returning to the usual  .. boom...boom....boom...boom...boom . I think what worries me the most is that if this was a single PVC, why would it cause this string of events? i mean from what i know its possible that there may have been a couple/triple of PACs that caused the sensation , that maybe wouldn't of happened had they of been in singles. As for PVCs i have had 2 x holter monitors for 2 whole weekends, 2 years apart, and only 6 PVCs were noted on the first weekend and 2 years later there were zero, none! there were plenty of PACs however, in fact 90 PACs, and a couplet.  In regards to this though, i dont recall feeling not one single one of them PACs, so it leads me to believe it wouldnt of been PAC's last week.  

I have seen a cardiologist twice now. two different centers. both done an echocardiogram and an ecg, followed by the holter monitoring for the weekend.  Absolutely no abnormality noted on either echocardiogram nor ecg. and only PAC's noted on my holter.  

Im not sure if you could answer this for me. NSVT is described as 120bpm or higher, 3 consecutve pvcs.  What is it called when its below 120bpm? spontaneous PVC's or something?
You're welcome. It's had to tell what it is without a monitor like I said. If you have further symptoms I recommend you get a monitor to see the rhythm. Yes, you can have what's known as "slow VT".
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