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new symptoms

My 10 year old was found to have an irreg. Hrt. Rhythm, and they believe that he may have an enlarged heart.  We are waiting for an Oct. 1 Cardio appt.
For the last 1 1/2 wks. He has been having pain in his stomach (above navel)  primarily when he eats.  He has also been unusually tired.  There has been no fever, diarea and has only vomited once.
Should I be concerned that these may be symptoms to worry about?
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It may not be heart related. If he's aware of this new development with his heart, he may be upset and stressed. My daughter always seems to have stomach problems whenever she's stressed, always been that way and she's 27 now.

However, if this is a new symptom and he's feeling miserable, at least call his doctor and ask about it. No need to go on feeling so bad when the doctor may be able to calm things down in his tummy.
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I'm still that way, and I'm wayyyy past 27 : )

It wouldn't hurt to have the doctor take a look see.  
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