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new years eve heart monitor

get to do a 24 hour heart halter monitor on new years eve.  nice lol. what a way to start the new year.  kevin
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But at least its just one more test to put your mind to ease. :)
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Hi, I have to wear my event monitor from Dec 10 to Jan 10.  I have had some NSVT and some irregular beats. It is not that bad, Crickett559 is correct it is giving me a piece of mind.
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thanks i know its only 1 day ...
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Well, enjoy (being here) New Year's Eve, even if you can't have a drink...well I'd likely have one at midnight, but then I don't have any association of heart rhythm problems, and having a drink.  Strongly recommend not having several, if you are so disposed.

Of course, you may be a none drinker and I've missed  the point of your post.

In any case:  Happy New Year... and many more.
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thanks. probable won't drink.  this year. Kevin  but have a couple for me!
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