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nonsusatined ventricular tachycardia

back in june i was going into very frequent runs of Nonsustained VT... at first i felt it but didn't know what it was.. finally it was bothering me enough to go to the ER. while i was there i told my doctor to look at my monitor while she was listening to my lungs. she freaked out and ran off then i got admitted.. i was there for 4 days. they did echo and all kinds of blood work which came back normal. it got so bad at one point a crash team came in and was getting ready to do CPR incase i passed out. thankfully i didn't but i was discharged the next day with almost no explanation as to why it happened. I followed up with my Cardiologist and had a nuclear stress test which came back normal. I am still wiating on a Cardiac MRI to check for scarring or damage and my Insurance refuses to cover it. my Doctors all told me not to worry and that NSVT without apparent heart disease is non fatal but ive read online that NSVT carries a higher risk of Sudden death and i have not been able to relax since I had my episode. i still havn't even gotten an explanation as to why it even happened in the first place? has anyone else been through this? i am 27 years old, in shape, 5'11 200 pounds and healthy and active.
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Hey man. I also have nsvt. I had my first run caught on a holter around the age of 23 but I’m pretty sure I’ve had runs before that, just not recorded.

I suffer from a heart murmur - mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation. In my case, I think this is what causes the NSVT and PVCs. Lately it’s been getting worse so like you I have also joined this medical forum as well as others to try to find support.

I’m currently trying to take supplements and work on anxiety issues to deal with it because my doctor has brushed it off even tho my regurgitation and heart function appears to have worsened. I hope I can get a follow up echo again soon.

Do you exercise? How is your heart’s response to exercise ? Could be a useful indicator as to triggers and whether your heart is under stress.

Look into your diet as well. Minerals like magnesium and potassium are important. Some useful supplements are Hawthorne berry and coq10.

Have you considered beta blockers? I’m on a really small dose of one. I seem to have built a tolerance to it though.

Anyways hopefully my experience calms you a bit. Every day is a struggle with this heart stuff. There are others out there going through this! Stay strong.
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