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post ablation palpitations

i am 5 days past having my ablation for AVNRT.  i have had small skipped beat a few thumps here and there but mostly quiet.... today i had some hard pvcs skips bout 4 or 5 over the course of five min.  i'll get one when i sit down after getting up.  or i will get one for no reason.  

i can sit here now and just feel a regular heart beat.   this is palps too right?

are all these feelings common post ablation? i want to hear from some ppl.  i feel almost crazy from this.  i will get an adrenaline rush post pvc and anxiety.  how do you cope? did yours getbetter? worse?  i am terrified post ablation and am hoping these dont get worse.... my psvt has hopefully been fixed the dr ablated one pathway.  

ijust have felt bad today.... atenolol makes me dizzy and when i wake up i feel out of it.
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Sorry I can't give your a direct experience input, but to get the thread "rolling" I'll post that from what I have read ablation takes a few weeks to heal and that you should see a reduction in rhythm problems as time goes on...especially if you can stop worrying.
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I had my ablation for VT three weeks ago and I had same experience. I got skipped heart beat in the past three weeks, but the skipped heart beat is getting weak and less frequent. The week after ablation, my skipped heart beat was so strong and it really scared me. I had lot of skipped hear beat (~100) in the past three weeks, but it never induced VT. Now, the skipped heart beat disappeared completely.

I consulted my doctor. He said it is a good sign of ablation success that I had skipped heart beat but it did not induce VT. For some patients, the skipped heart beat may last few weeks to few months, because the healing of ablation site needs some time.
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thanks for the replies. i felt better today.  i had 2 skips today.... my biggest prob now is i fell palps at night... regular rythem..i just feel the beat. hopefully my awareness will subside. tomarrow makes a week.
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I had my ablation done on July 9, 2009. So far my main issue has been fatigue and a bit of soreness. I also have a headache that comes and goes. Yesterday I had a feeling of chest heaviness that felt like it was in my back as well. I have had very few palps so far and when I do they much lighter than before the ablation. There are some great older post which help me realize what may be quite normal post ablation so I would not start to worry too much.
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thanks for the comment.  yeah today has been a very fatigued day.  I've laid around most of the day.  I think allot of my tiredness may have something to do with the atenolol.  I'm suppose to take it for 2 months then he will take me off of it.

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I am a 51 y/o female and just had cardiac ablation one week ago for AVNRT.  I was glad to read all these comments as it made me realize, as I suspected, that there are post ablation symptoms that are normal and likely related to the heart muscle recovering from the proceedure.  I have had a few skipped beats here and there that have actually lessened after starting to take short walks and pick up my activity level.  I've had a few headaches also but the main thing I have noticed is that my resting heart rate is slightly higher.  I was never on any medications prior to my proceedure.  I've also noticed that I am very sensitive to caffeine so have cut way back to just a very small cup of coffee in the morning.  Each day seems to be better than the one before.
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I had an ablation over 10 years ago.  I am 55 and have started having the odd palpitation - is this due to the procedure reversing or could it be due to the menopause.

Thank you.

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This is something that we have a discussion about before on another website I'm a member of - skipping hearts {dot} com.  There's a great explanation about hormones and how it affects our arrythmia's hearts etc.
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