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pvcs and ablation

hey. i am 24 years old healthy guy. 2 years ago i did one 24 hours holter monitoring. it showed 208 ventricular ectopy with 3 v runs with longest 5 beats of v run with 138 beats per min. my echo was normal with 73% of ejection fraction. my cardiologist said dont worry, nothing serious, after several years it will be fine. these 2 years i did not feel any sort of discomfort , actually i did not think of it at all. now after 2 years i feel skip beats one nights and went to ER ( bye the way i am a medical student) and it showed bigeminy. then i talked with my cardiologist and i did another echo which is normal with 70% EF. my doctor gave me sotalol and told me it is good drug for isolated pvcs. also told me if after taking sotalol pvcs persists then i need to do another holter. after taking sotalol for 14 days pvcs almost gone.
after searching internet i am freaked out. i dont want to be worried all the time as i am worry now because of these after knowing that pvcs can be vtach and my previous holter showed 5 beats in a row. my cardiologist never takes these seriously. i want to know about pvcs from you guys. in my case what should i do? i usually never had those symptoms which actully bother. is there any permanent cure? should i do ablation? share your experience with me.
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Try to not worry.  In an otherwise healthy heart the amount of premature beats you are having are not considered a health risk.  Even short runs are not considered a concern.  If you haven't had an echo done it might be wise to get one just to make sure the heart is healthy but if it is otherwise normal the premature beats are not a threat to you.  Avoid things like caffeine, sugars, carbohydrates and anything that might cause acid reflux.  Avoid eating heavy meals and stay well hydrated.  Work on stress and anxiety.  Those are the biggest triggers and if you manage them you may see a drop in your pvc load.  But they generally don't do ablations unless you are having over 20,000 a day because ablations for pvcs can cause more harm than good.  The health of your heart has to be in jeopardy for them to be treated that way.  Otherwise they just try beta blockers.  But your best bet is to try and avoid the big triggers and see if you can live with what is left because they may never fully go away but in small numbers they really are harmless.  Take care.
thanks for your words.. i watched a conversation about arrhythmia recently where world's best cardiologists attended. the main protocol like this .. there is no prognostic value of ventricular ectopy, normal structural heart , normal ecg pattern then no need to worry and another funny thing is there is no prognostic value of holter monitoring unless you experience some sort of symptoms. beacause there is a lot changes going on heart's electrical activity. those have no meanings unless you have symtomps.
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