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sick sinus syndrom

Since I posted last, I have been diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome - having both tachycardia and bracardia episodes.  When I went in for my last follow-up, I set the alarm off on the BP machine because my heart rate was so low.  They sent in an ekg machine.  I saw three doctors that day, and they are sending me to a larger city to an elctrophysiologist(sp?).  They pretty much told me I'd end up with an ablation or pacemaker, or may get an ablation and still have to have a pacemaker.  I go in 3 weeks to get the specialist's opinion.  Has anyone out there had the same and what was done for you - has it worked - how long did it take you to get back to work after the procedure(s) - and lastly, how do you feel now?  AJY
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I can not help you much as far as knowing what will happen but I did just get diagnosed with the same. The doctor told me that a pacemaker would be needed at some point and most likely an ablation for the fast heart rate. I have both as well. My fast rate is sinus tach most of the time so it is in normal rhythm at least. How low has your heart rate gotten? Mine has gotten to 35 once but mainly in the low 40's when it happens. The fast heart rate happens much more often than the slow. I go back to the doctor on Thursday and should know more. Do you feel bad most of the time or just when your heart rate is off? My problem is that it makes me really tired all the time and have headaches! I am hoping there is some medicine that might help.
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Sorry, I just checked back on my messages.  I mostly feel really tired almost all of the time, also.  Ocassionaly, I will get a little lightheaded.  My rate was usally faster than slower, but lately it's been staying in the bracardia (40's) more.  I have been on a medicine for the fast rate, but it doesn't help the slow rate.  I monitor my rate everyday befoe I take the medicine.  They first told me if the HR was below 60 not to take it.  Then when the monitor showed cuplets, they told me to take it unless it was under 50.  When I went for the last visit and it was so low the machine alarm went off, they told me to cut the pill in half.  Since it's been staying low, I don't take it if it's in the low 50's either.  I go the 10th to the elrophysiologist.  Don't know what to expect. Hope things go well with you!
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Had basically the same problem. Theu usually take a 2-pronged approach. They will probably implant a pacemeker and set a minimum heart rate (in my case 50bpm) to control the brady, and use medicine (such as beta blockers) to help control the tachy.

Works pretty good for me, so far. I still get sinus tachy... well, not really tachy, because it seldom exceeds 95bpm.

Best of luck,
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No one gave an estimate on the time-off from work needed.  I don't have a experience based answer, but I understand ablation and pacemaker implants are more-or-less "out patient" or "same day" procedures.  So, unless one's work is a deep sea diver or other physically stressful job, I'd say back to work in a day or two.  Get the work done on Friday and back to driving and work on Monday is my estimate.  Shoot me (down) if I am wrong, at least I got the question back on the "Table".
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No, first pacemaker will need at least one week.  Yes, second, third, fourth may need 3 days or so...  Last time the doctor told me that I can go back to work on the next day.   I worked at the office.  Just computer and paper works, the pacemaker site was sore.  I can't raise my hand at 90 degrees.  I was pushed by my boss to attend to the ER.  The doctor at the ER told me about the weight / pressure at the pocket.  Might need to shift my pacemaker and need to make a new pocket for that.  I told him, "I want to run away now."  He said, "take a week off and see how the site heals."  End up it healed beautifully and no need for a second cut and sow.....

This is my experience, it might vary to people and career also.

Take care and good luck.
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Thanks for the information.  I'm glad your's is pretty much under control.  Hope I have the same luck!
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Since I'm not a deep sea diver, as of yet, hopefully I can get back to work quickly if an ablation/pacemaker is the way I have to go.  Thanks!
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How many have you had so far?  
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This is my number 4.
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4 pacemakers?  over how long a period of time?  Did you get them due to Bracardia?
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1st one in 1982, 2nd one in 1985, 3rd one in 1994, 4th one in 2002.
No, not for brady.  My SSS developed in 1992.  The first one was for Tachy.
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Hi there, My husband Stu was diagnosed with SSS he had a pacer installed January 2006 he was told no driving for a few weeks and if he let the site heal before going back to work. Returning to work too early cold cause leads to be pulled etc. Better to take time. Feb 07 he had ablation for atrial flutter. He also takes beta blockers. He was unwell for along time physically and eventually mentally but thankfully has learned to live within his limitations and this has had a positive effect on his mental and physical well being. He is back leading a "normal" life.
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Thanks for sharing your story with me.  I'm getting a little anxious about the appt.  Hopefully I can just try some new meds and that will get the job done.  My husband had a stress test today, and this afternoon his doctor's office called.  They saw narrowing of the arteries and told him he could be on the way to a 2nd heart attack.  He had one in 2002 and had 2 stints in.  They want him to get a heart cath so they can check everything out, but he hasn't resigned to the idea yet,  He's somewhat anit-doctor.  I hope your husband stays on the well side!  
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