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strange feeling in chest

I was just wondering if anyone feels this weird feeling.  Sometimes I get a feeling in the left part of my chest sort of on the side/top of left breast.  It is sort of like a contraction or like a big bubble.  It is not painful, but it comes and goes sometimes like a contraction sometimes not.  It is very hard to describe. Sometimes it feels like a balloon blowing up and deflating.  I called my cardio who did not think anything of it.  Any suggestions or am I just being crazy?
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Is it just a single surge of pressure and then it's gone? It could be related to a PVC. A premature beat in the heart usually causes a compensatory pause afterwards. Then when your heart kicks back in a second or so later, you may feel this strange full feeling, like someone just blew up a balloon real quick in your chest or throat and then it's gone. It's very quick but odd feeling.
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Actually, I do have PVC's, but this is totally different.  It is way over on the left side and it almost feels like I can feel something moving around.  Sometimes it is a twinge, but not painful.  It is a very strange sensation. I have a very hard time trying to describe it.   It comes and goes.  I have had it for about 3 weeks, some days I feel it alot and somedays not at all.  
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Way over on the side of your chest, it probably IS a muscle contraction, and one of the superficial chest muscles at that, like a slip or portion of the pectoralis, for example.  There's nothing but lung inside the chest cavity over there, and lungs do not have any structure or activity that would produce what you describe.

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I also have that hard to describe feeling in my top left  chest I don't kno if it is muscular or heart related but it freaks me out when it does it it comes and goes randomly any help or info would be much appreciated
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels this!! It randomly comes and goes..it's like a small balloon airing up then deflating in my chest, its very uncomfortable and scary because it's such a weird feeling! Im not going to say it hurts but it does cause discomfort and i do get a little bit of a chest pain with it...Noone knows what this is???
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Did you ever get a diagnosis for the weird feeling in chest? I suffer from the exact same symptom and have used the description like a balloon expanding In my chest and sometimes into my throat. I feel like my Dr thinks I am crazy or paranoid, but its a real sensation/ symptom.
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I am currently experiencing this problem but mine feels kinda n my left rib cage. My Dr says is acid reflux. Like u said it doesn't hurt but is very uncomfortable and scary at times
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Off hand, I'd suggest digestive processes. Things are more cramped in there than you can realize. I just developed afib, but there's something I forgot to tell the doctor, namely that I'll swear my heart is touching my esophagus. If I sit, leaning forward, with my mouth open, I can hear a distinct click from my open mouth with each heartbeat.

On another heart rhythm forum, one man had to have his esophagus slightly relocated because it was contacting his heart. And I have a sliding hiatial hernia, that may be causing it since the stomach protrudes through the hiatus in the diaphragm for the esophagus.

And more than once, I recorded symptoms on holter monitors and the doctor said no event occurred at that time.

I'm not saying it must be digestion, or even fasciculations of skeletal muscles, but it could be, in the absence of recorded events. Heart valves, and this is conjecture, I'm not a doctor, may leak, but that's often accompanied by shortness of breath and other symptoms if the leak is sufficiently bad, and I wouldn't think they'd be fleeting.

Keep on it, maybe record the date, time, circumstances, of when you notice it and look at the overall picture. It may be of use to your doctor too.

Best regards.
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