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symptoms of pacemaker failure

i had my pacemaker put in 4 1/2 tears ago and i have been getting short of breath for 6 months or more and have been having dizzy spells now for a couple of days and now today i have been having pains that feel like i am being shocked around my heart area, i see my dr to have my pacemaker checked every 6 months and am due back in on the 6th of July. i am 51 and have had Mitral valve repair done also about 6 months before the pacemaker was put in and i also had an oblation done to stop the afib unfortunately it cut my heart rate down to 29 bpm this is why i had the pacemaker put in now i am tired all the time and have swelling on my ankles that come and go if i try and do too much walking standing. feel like i am running out of options and it all seems to be pointing to my pacemaker. Thinking about going to the hospital but every time i go there they do nothing but charge my insurance a ton of money for doing nothing. Any help would be appreciated thank you
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You really need to make an appointment with the cardiologist who put the pacemaker in.  Swelling of the ankles is a big concern and could indicate heart failure though with the slow heart rate from the ablation and a failing pacemaker it would make sense as well..  The pacemaker needs to be checked to see if it failed.  They can test it to see what it has been doing but not sure they can do that in the ER.  You don't need to wait 6 months to see your doctor if new symptoms occur.  Forget the er and go see your doctor pronto. If this pacemaker is keeping your heart beating steady go get it checked out now.  Let them know about your concerning symptoms and see if they can fit you in sooner rather than later.  Best luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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