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tachycardia when bending down from the waist

So I'm preparing for my 1st (hopefully only!) ablation next week. I have been diagnosed with WPW.  I have been asymptomatic since my last episode which was a month ago.  Before that it was a yr.  I was going through the thoughts of having the abalation and if it was really worth it, since I've only had 2 episodes in my life (I'm 30).  

I dropped my keys, bent from the waist down, came back up and there you have it....tachycardia.  It lasted for about 10 seconds or so, nothing horrible.  Maybe a little reminder of why I'm doing this ehhh?

Anyway, has anyone else ever experienced this?
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YES!!!  What is WPW (Wolff Parkinson White, right?)  and how is it diagnosed?  My tachy has never been picked up on a monitor so they just call it SVT, and it lasts a few seconds and goes away.  I've had it occur when bending on at least 2 occasions, but I've also had it occur while walking completely upright, calm and normal through a grocery store.  This is the ONE (of several) arhythmia that really scares me, so you tell me your story and I'll share what little there is of mine??? :-)

Really interested in more detail on the WPW and how it was diagnosed.
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I was diagnosed with WPW last yr after a bout of tachy.  They caught it twice on my EKG last year but this yr it is not apparent on the EKG.  WPW (Wolff parkinson white) is an extra electrical pathway in my heart that causes the tachycardia.  I have had it my whole life but just became aware of it after last yrs bout.  

Anyway, My last episode (1 month ago) happened when bending @ the waist.  I've researched this a bit and it happens to others as well.  

After my bout last yr I decided to change my ways.  I cleaned up my life, quit drinking, and eating junk food.  I now exercise 5 times/week and I've lost 50lbs.  I just got an e-mail recently saying that I'm going to be featured on bodybuilding.com in a couple of weeks!  

I'm getting the ablation because I want to live without the fear of the next approching episode.  I want to drink coffee again, I want to be able to go fishing in the middle of nowhere if I want to,  I want to be able to pick up my damn keys without my heart reminding me of it's defect.  

Have you considered the ablation?  It will more than likely be a cure if you do have SVT or WPW.  

Anyway good luck to you!

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I've considered ablation, but I've only had a few bouts of SVT or whatever it is and its so infrequent that they aren't advising the procedure at this time.  Trust me, if this thing becomes a more regular occurance I'll be making the appointment for an EP study and ablation procedure ASAP.  Right now, my biggest issues are PVC's which are regular occurences and no longer as frightening for me as they once were.  The SVT is what brought me to the site for reassurance.  My most recent incident nearly floored me and it took me a week to get over the fear that it was going to happen again any minute.  I don't like that, and if it becomes a more common phenomena I'll surely be more aggressive.

Thanks for the info.  
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