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tricuspid regurgitation/exercising

Hi, I went to emergency for heart palpitations and had to have medicine in an iv to slow down the heart rate.  Then was diagosed with tricuspid regurgitation~moderate not severe. I am still waiting for an appt. with a cardiologist, but in the meantime, I wanted to start a exercise program. A simple one, Walk Away the Pounds-leslie samsone. I've been reading up on the tricuspid regurg. and it mentions about no exercising, but where it is just moderate would it be okay to start exercising now?
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I have mild tricuspid, plus MVP and LVH, had pvc's (54,000 daily) and Vtach for years; how long I've had this no clue, but I suspect 5-7 years.  

I do attribute my heart being "healthy" despite  this; was my commitment 4 years ago to exercise daily.  I hadn't exercised in so many years it was embarassing, so I started off as slow as I could for a week.  Then I added 2 minutes per day, then the next week I upped my speed, vice versa.

After a few months of getting back into shape & losing weight, I started interval training with the incline part of my treadmill.  Google interval training - you can do that with any type of exercise and will help with not getting in an 'exercise rut".

After awhile I started interval training with walking/running and got up to an hour a day and felt great.  I can't wait to start again and get my heart strong again after surgery I had 3 wks ago.

Don't push yourself and just take it easy, listen to your body and have fun, but make sure you ask your dr about it also.
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I post to get the "ball rolling".  

I do not have a medical answer for you, but "common sense" and a history of a leaky mitral valve, tells me you should be just fine doing moderate exercise, e.g., walking, even walking fast if it isn't up a steep hill.  

I'd hold off any marathon races until talking with a cardiologist.

Good luck, I think many people have "moderate" problems with one or more heart valves and still lead "regular" lives.  I ended up having to have my mitral valve repaired, but not until I reached the age of 67.
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