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ventricular tachycardia/possible complications?

A few weeks ago I had seen a cardiologist who found the following results:  EKG: normal.  Echocardiogram: normal heart, EF 69%, and normal valves BUT there was mild pulmonary hypertension (38 mmHG).  I was also given an event monitor which showed many unifocal PVC's recorded in the 8 short recordings I transmitted in by phone... and a brief run of nonsustained ventricular tachycardia. I have been feeling these symptoms often throughout the day for about a year and it seems they are coming more and more often lately.... I will describe these episodes like an attack of "hiccoughs" lasting about anywhere from 30-90 minutes several times a day.  The cardiologist tells me because he feels it's not coming from my heart or valves (which are all normal) but instead my lungs (I also have mild pulmonary fibrosis as well as mild PH)... there isn't much concern or any real treatment.  He basically sent me home without any advice other than not to stress out and to come back if I feel worse.  I'm also confused as to why I was not given a 24 hour holter monitor... as the event monitor isn't as informative since it only shows very brief readings IF and WHEN you get around to hooking it all up to work this recorder temporarily for yourself, and then sending those limited findings to a technician on the other end of a phone.

Do I have any cause for alarm?  Should I request a holtor monitor now?
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I don't understand your doctor's about not coming from your heart... electrical timing problems.  I think a Holter monitor (or longer) could provide a fuller analysis of your heart condition.. it worth a try.  Ask for it.
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Thank you Jerry_NJ for your response.  I believe what my doctor meant by it not coming from my heart was that certain lung issues (including pulmonary hypertension) also can create disturbances concerning the heart.  I agree with you about the Holter monitor providing a broader analysis.  I still don't understand why this option was disregarded, but I will look into it and discuss this further at my next appointment with the cardiologist.  
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