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vibration issue...still

Okay, I know I posted a while back about the fact that I felt I was vibrating  (like a pager going off).  That was a few months ago.  I went to the doctor and he did an ekg and of course told me it was a benign condition but didn't know exactly what was causing it.  
Now it has turned into a very small muscle twitch feeling.  Just under my left breast and into the rib cage.  Like when you get those eye twitches.  They are short lived but I feel them any time I sit quietly or lay down.  My pulse is normal and slow when I feel them.  Can you have twitches like that for months in the same place?  Maybe I should just blame this on hormones too.   I still cannot convince myself that they aren't short burts of a-flutter but when I mentioned that to my doctor, he just looked at me like I was crazy.  
I guess I am!
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I had a bought with muscle twitches about a couple of years ago. It went on for months. I had a test done, i forget what it was called, but they stick pins in you and send electrical impulses into your body. Nothing ever showed up and eventually they went away. I drove myself crazy because i couldn't stop thinking about it and i think that brought them on even more. your mind can do crazy things.  
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I do feel that (or something similar) when I lying on my side (it feels like a slight twitchy shaking sensation....or, and this is going to sound weird/paranoid...but it feels like I can feel blood flow and vessel is too narrow. I know it sounds weird...
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Thanks guys.  This little twitch is right under my left breast where the bottom of your bra hits.  Always around the same place.  It is just like those eye twitches.  I guess I shouldn't worry about it being my heart but why not throw one more problem in the pile!
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Yea, i think it is more likely a muscle twitch than something realated to your heart.
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I guess I have never seen your post, but I am on vibrate too!!!!
I thought and maybe still think I'm going crazy, but this same thing happens to me.  It has been going on since August.  It is the worst when I'm sleeping, it often wakes me up.  I thought that it may be atrial flutter as well.  I have had a holter monitor, been to a sleep lab, but they didn't happen during those times.  I am 41 years old and my doctor thinks I may be peri-menipausal???? or stress related.
I also have sinus tachycardia and tremors in my hands on some days.  
I never had any of these strange symptoms until the end of this summer.  My husband has actually felt my back, armpit area vibrating in the middle of the night.  At first I kept thinking my heart was racing, but my pulse was normal!!!!
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Since no one has come up with anything, Ill add my crazy idea.  I gave birth in June and had nerve damage.  I would get the whole burning boot feeling in my feet and all the way up through my legs.  Sometimes it was painful.  I had these strange vibrations in my feet all of the time.  It was like someone installed a tiny buzzer in them.  As the nerve damage went away the buzzing is 99% gone.  I only get it every few months.  

I have posted on here before that I wonder if PVC's and unexplained rhythms could be due to nerve damage, especially in women.  Nerve damage can affect everything including your heart.  As all of these weird things have gotton better in me especially the buzzing in my feet and thys so has my heart.

There is a lot of info on the web on nerve damage and exactly what it effects.  Maybe you could research and it might explain more than just one symptom for you. My ob after the birth did confirm the nerve damage along with an ER doc.

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Weird you guys!  Are we all related or something?

I get the buzzing too - have for years - in my right calf.  Feels like a guitar string being plucked, is the best way I can describe it.  Not terribly painful, really, but ucomfortable.  Sometimes I get them a lot and sometimes none for a very long time.  It's been awhile since the weird guitar string feeling in my right calf.  I'd take a few steps and it would just correct itself on its own.

I've had lots of muscle twitches too. One day I decided to get in shape in one day...I was watching the Fit channel or whatever it's called on TV and was doing class after class. In the middle of body shaping with Gilad (LOL) I felt something snap in my shoulder area and then it went numb like pins and needles. I freaked out.  I went to ER (after you have a stroke and feel pins and needles that don't go away, you think TIA) and they were worried about a stroke, too.  I stayed overnight, everything looked okay.  After this, however, i was getting crazy, constant muscle spasms all over my body for months.  CONSTANT.  Back, arms, legs, butt, stomach, neck, face, everywhere.  I was also getting nerve pain in that same area you described - under the left breast.  They were quick, very sharp pains.  I saw a physical therapist and she fixed me with whatever it is she did.  LOL.  Stretching the area, doing let reps of certain exercises.  It went away after that.

Occasionally (like today) I get muscle twitching in a few spots all day.  I always think it's an electrolyte imbalance.   Muscles fire due to calcium and sodium channels (am I remembering this right?) so an imbalance could cause them to misfire, perhaps.  Dehydration can also cause spasms and twitches, as can fatigue.

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Another thing to consider would be bras.  Some of those crazy underwire suckers dig into that spot all day every day and maybe are pinching a nerve or setting something off.  If I wear a comfy sports bra that has a lot of give in that area, I wasn't as bothered by that stuff in that rib cage area.
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Oh my gosh, you might be right about the bra thing.  I'm not that big and sometimes I like to put those fake boobies in my bra.  I do it a lot so maybe it could be from that.  (too much info again I know)

I work out all the time so I don't think it could be that but you never know.  
I need to start a good vitamin regimen and hopefully that will help with hormones and any electrolyte imbalance.  Funny thing is the pvc's got worse around the same time as the vibration/muscle twitching started.  I think lucyluu could be right about nerve damage as well. I'm lifting small kids up and down all day.  

patjd - I can never catch the sensation when I touch the spot.  As a matter of fact, when I lay my hand over the area to try and catch it, of course it stops.

We need to form a club!
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I get some strange vibrations in my leg  and eye twitches, and I think that is due to a lack of magnesium. If you are stressed you burn up magnesium very quickly, and we need magnesium for our muscles to relax. /cramping is also a sign of mag. deficiency.
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Well....hmm...thinking about the nerve damage thing there....I am now going through some similar symptoms....had many muscle pulls strains blah blah...however about 9 years ago I took a serious fall....very lucky....was over 40 feet...now....I am getting intense ripping pains from spine to shoulder blade area...along with fluttering under the arm and that blood pumping through narrow veins...fluttering pulse under arm...wondering if possible vertebrae injury...or...if it is just all the stress and antagonistic muscles at work...not sure...going to go see...
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1. Yes, I get these vibrations as well in various parts of my body. Often, it the left chest area, below the breast. It feels like a cellphone on vibrations.
2.  I have had it near my left armpit (that muscle that goes from the left arm to the chest). Once, I felt dizzy when that happened.
3. I get in my left leg calf muscle constantly. Mostly, they are on the surface and I can barely feel them and they are single events (cellphone on vibrations). Sometimes, they are internal and feels like guitar string, like nervouslady said.
4. I get chest discomfort as well. Dull chest pains sometimes, sometimes sharp. I don't know if it is all related. I am male, 38.
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I am experiencing the same. A vibration feeling under left breast. Like a pager or cell phone on vibrate. Prickly pain stabs me all over giving me stiffness in neck. Sharp pain radiates through my left arm, hand and calf. And a dull but yet pressure headache. Was kept in hospital for 24 hours. Blood and urinalysis was good. Vitals where good so the released me and home only slept a little over six hours and woken up by vibration. I need to understand what is going on.
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Did you get an answer?
Hi anxious Jen!  Welcome to the forum.  Do you have issues of this yourself?  I'll be happy to chat with you about it but tell us more!
For me, the issue is solved. I take venlafaxine which has also fixed up the dizziness and bizarre describable feeling I use to get every day.
Yes, I do have similar issues and just wondering if any of these older posts every had a resolution.  Thank you!
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