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what is this?

Hello everyone,

Sorry for (yet) another question about pvcs, but I find your answers very useful, so I am going to ask this:

- When I have a run of pvcs with fast heart rate (or pacs, I don't know), I feel two different things:  the typical skipped beats with the compensatory pause, but sometimes a kind of "half" beat, which occurs in the same rhythm as the regular pace, but it feels "weak", like 1/2 power only.  Do you know what is this?  A PAC? Can you have PACs with and without pauses?

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Yes, absolutely. PACs may or may not "reset" the sinus node, depending on if the sinus node is able to depolarize when the PAC hits. If it doesn't reset, you won't feel any compensatory pause.
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thanks a lot for your answer, now I am convinced that these ectopic "attacks" are supra ventricular activity. If I am not measuring my pulse, I barely feel the ectopics. Feels like a small kick in my stomach and nothing else. They are all trigged by panic, which is "funny".      
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