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whats the revised status of R on T pvc's as of 2018? dangerous or not?

i know a fair few years ago they were considered serious markers for ventricular tachycardia. i also know that the majority of studies were looking into patients with existing heart disease, not healthy younger counterparts.

what is the stance on them these days? a lot of people with symptomatic pvc's worry about them majorly. are they that common? are they at all dangerous to healthy hearts?

i hear of the patients all the time with 1000's of pvcs per day, going in for ablations and think how on earth could all them pvc's dodge and duck falling on the t wave!!!
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I get pvcs, pacs and sometimes svt... My cardio has always told me that in a structurally normal heart, free of disease pvcs are benign and that everyone has them but some people are just more in tune to their bodies and feel them when others dont.

I am 36 years old currently but remember the first time I ever felt one. I was pregnant with my 2nd child and 20 years old. I go through my ups and downs with them. Sometimes they really scare me and other times I ignore them. I feel a good amount of them but there are some that I don't feel...

They have never caused me any symptoms other then the scary feeling and the ones that feel like a flutter take my breath away for a second. I started getting light headed spells in 2010. They were rare, once every several months lasting only a second or 2 but in the last 2 years the spells have become frequent, last longer a couple more seconds and are more intense. I don't feel any palpations when they happen but I don't always feel the PVCS either sooooo I don't know. I do hope the spells arent heart related.
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Oh and I had an ep study in 2006 but he was unable to provoke arrhythmia long enough for mapping so I didn't get to have ablation. The ep study wasnt for the PVCS though, it was for the SVT.. I also had a cardiac cath in 2010 due to chest pain that in the end turned out to be my gallbladder and come to think of it.. I had my very first lightheaded spell a week after that procedure...
Thanks careful45 for replying. Didn't think I'd get one to be honest lol.

Yeah that's what my e.p told me back in 2014 when he investigated me. I was feeling the skipping sensations mainly during weightlifting. It turns out I was holding my breath to lift the weight which is really the wrong way of doing it. I passed the treadmill test absolutely fine. Back then I didn't  truly know what r on t pvcs were so I didn't explore the questions surrounding them to ask my e.p. Now I know what they are lol
They say even short runs of v tach are fine in a healthy heart...
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