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worsening skipped beats...should I go to hospital?

I have suffered from extra beats...for almost 15 years....usually comes and goes...and they have been very limited until tonight. I have been having these weird extra beats for almost 2 hours now.

I feel like a skipped beat...and extra beats immedietly after....sometimes one..sometimes 3 or 4 extra beats. Weird thing is I dont feel the extra beats in my pulse but i feel it in my chest. I dont have shortness of breath...or chest pain...but I am scared....and help would be appreciated.
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If you are scared and you can't get to your doctor, then a hospital visit is warranted.  Nothing worse than sitting at home and letting your imagination get the better of you.  Chances are it is benign but any change from the norm should be checked out.  It sounds like a worsening of PVC's but only a qualified professional can determine that for sure.  I will sometimes get them for hours at a time.
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Hello there...

Sorry to hear u are having a hard time with your PVC's...these "BEASTS" are quite annoying...lol

My opinion on whether or not u should go to the ER or Dr is this...We know our bodies better than anyone else...if something does not feel right to u...get it checked out...so what if u go and they say it is nothing to worry about...at least u will have peace of mind and afterall..who is paying them...U ARE...

Gl to u Hun and remember...*When in doubt...get it checked out!*
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There is no such thing as a skipped beat. You are experiencing extra beats , then your heart resets itself because the extra beat is weak, and then you feel the hard compensatory beat after. That is why it hurts and feels weird. If we didn't feel them then we would not have an issue. You should be fine. The absolute worst thing you can do is worry about them, because this will make them infinitely worse. Go see a cardiologist but don't panic when you get them. Dangerous arrhythmia's are like getting whacked by the  mafia, you die without knowing what hit you. PVC's are annoying but not deadly with a normal heart.
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