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OK -- It's your turn .. Are YOU a Helicopter Mom (Parent) ? .. if so, to what extent?

Do you feel you'll change as your child gets older.  Is it hard to let go?

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i am not a helicopter parent ;yes it is hard to let go i have a 17 year old who is taking driver's ed wants this wants that........
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Letting go at EVERY stage is a challenge .... the older they get, the harder it is because the leash gets longer and longer I find.  My oldest is 18 ............ yeah.  Letting go.  

Am I a Helicopter Mom ... No, definitely not

Is it a bad thing?  Ahhhh that's what this debate board is all about!

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Ok, I will be the first to admit that to some extent I feel like I am a Helicopter Mom.  Not in the sense that I have to control everything my kids do, but they are still young so I do tend to watch them closely when we are out to make sure they stay safe.  This school year has been particularly challenging for me because my oldest just started full day kindergarten.  It is hard not knowing how he is doing or what he is doing all day.  Even harder when he comes home and tells me stories about the classroom bully yanking him off the slide and throwing him to the ground.  It is times like these when I wish I could be there with him to help protect him from the bully.  
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I think that parenting is personal.  If your child is doing well then who is to judge?  

Am I a helicopter parent?  Probably a bit although I look for a balance.  My kids are now 6 and 5, both boys and both extremely energetic.  My oldest has sensory integration disorder.  He has needed my help more than your average child.  I actually to this day get involved with playground play.  And you know what I've noticed------------  all kids LOVE it.  The kids flock to us to play while there own parents sit on the side lines.  Many kids crave more interaction with their parents.  Again, I try not to judge people.  But it looks to me like a lot of parents don't hang out with their kids much not because they don't want to be helicopter parents but they don't want to be bothered.  

But to each their own.
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